Project ChildSafe

What Really Works?

is the perfect example of exactly how responsible gun owners prove anti-gun zealots wrong every day.

Anti-Gun zealots want to pass new gun laws to “protect society”.

However, responsible gun owners actively pursue real gun safety.

Let me explain.

We already know that responsible gun owners follow local, state, and federal gun laws the vast majority of the time.

It’s a fact: Concealed Carry permit holders are statistically far less likely to commit crimes.

Therefore, any new gun laws passed by politicians won’t have a measurable, positive effect on our society. We all know that criminals won’t obey new gun laws any more than existing gun laws.

Project ChildSafe is a program that does have a positive effect on our society.

You see, the only real way to make a positive difference in society isn’t through laws that our politicians pass.

A positive effect on society can only be achieved though concerted efforts of the people in our communities.

Project ChildSafe isn’t Enforced by Law

Project ChildSafe is implemented by gun owners who care about protecting our communities.

It’s a voluntary program that responsible gun owners use to promote gun safety.

We lock up our weapons when they aren’t in our possession.

In addition, we educate those around us about gun safety when the opportunity arises.

As gun owners, we know that children don’t always have the good judgement to know  how dangerous a loaded firearm can be. We also know that criminals are capable of stealing a gun if they can easily do so.

We Don’t Need New Gun Laws

As responsible gun owners, we don’t need laws to motivate our behavior because gun laws don’t work. All we need is our own resolve to promote gun safety.

It’s our resolve that motivates us to protect our children and society; not laws passed by our politicians.

The truth is:
Anti-gun zealots want to outlaw guns because they irrationally think it will be a magic pill to solve society’s problems with violence.

Their rationale says:
“Pass a law and it’ll be fixed. Who cares if law abiding citizens lose their guns too? They shouldn’t have them anyway.

The 2nd Amendment isn’t an individual right like the other 9 Bill of Rights. The 2nd Amendment is a right of the government to have a militia.”

Society Will Never Rid Itself of Criminals

Our rationale says:
“Society will never rid itself of criminals. Therefore, we reserve our 2nd Amendment rights.

The 2nd Amendment, like the other 9 Bill of Rights, is an individual right. Our Forefathers gave the government not one single right.

If a two-legged predator ever singles us out as prey, we will protect our family with force. We protect our family with force because our family’s safety is our direct responsibility.

Furthermore, we care about actionable plans to ‘protect society’ rather than feel good laws that have no real positive impact on society.

We implement real gun safety.”

Let’s Keep Our Liberties.

So as the pillars of our communities, we will continue to prove wrong all those who threaten our freedoms.

We will implement our own programs such as Project Child Safe to make our communities safer.

We’ve made it clear.
What we won’t do is give up our liberties along the way.


Chris Tedder
Clinger Holsters
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3 replies
  1. Billy
    Billy says:

    Excellent post. Sometimes I wish I had a bigger safe so I wouldn’t have to bother with the cable locks as much.

  2. Patrick
    Patrick says:

    What irks me the most, is the ability of society to somehow rationalize their way into believing that “Anything…I mean Anything” would deter a criminal from obtaining a gun. Let’s think about this logically…. Let’s take the extreme case of guns being completely illegal… Noone can own one. (Please note that I said “illegal” as in against the law.) Are we so naive as to think that the Bad Guy still can’t obtain a gun? Maybe, the price went up for them to purchase it, or get their hands on one, but basic economic principles will show that, like any company in the world, the “cost of doing business” just went up and as a result, that cost increase will just be passed along to the ultimate consumer. Ie. Drugs.. or whatever, will just be a little more expensive to purchase. It’s insulting to think that the government somehow believes that a ban on guns (or even further restrictive laws), will solve the crime problem and reduce deaths. By this same logic, if the government inacts laws that restrict or ban the sale of cheeseburgers or Twinkies, Americans will somehow miraculously become… Or even better yet, “deemed” Healthy by default!!?? Are you kidding me?

    BTW…. The definition of Insanity can readily be described as, “Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result”. The insanity of adding laws to laws to laws and expecting it to solve this issue has just now moved from Insanity to Pure Stupidity!!!

    This is all of course just IMHO.


  3. Martin
    Martin says:

    Well written. More gun laws dont deter crime, do the anti gun sector truly believe that criminals are lined up turning in all their high capacity magazines in?

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