V2 No Print Wonder Holster

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This is the V2 version of our Flagship Model.

Upgrades over the Original No Print Wonder are:

  • Converts to Stingray holster
  • Adjustable cant on Stingray configuration for 0 or 15 degrees
  • Taller sight channel to accommodate even taller after market sights
  • Covered mag release
  • Wider opening (above the belt line) to make re-holstering easier
  • Gun Model is imprinted inside the holster

The level of concealment you get from the No Print Wonder holster easily outperforms any other holster on the market at Absolute Concealment.

The V2 No Print Wonder Transforms Into a Stingray Holster

Here’s how it works.

The No Print Wonder holster uses its patent-pending “Cling Tab” to bring the grip of your pistol in extremely close to your side. The stiff “Cling Tab” pulls the grip in when you cinch your belt down. The flexible leather tab on the opposite side of the holster flexes with your waistline.

Experience in Concealed Carry teaches us that the grip is the hardest part of the pistol to hide. Because the No Print Wonder holster excels at pulling the grip close, no other holster comes close to hiding your pistol as well.

Clinger Holsters have a uniquely small footprint.

It doesn’t do any good to conceal a thin concealed carry pistol in a bulky holster. You especially don’t want or need extra bulk added to a bigger Concealed Carry gun.

That’s why Clinger Holsters are no bigger than they need to be to get the job done. Our holsters are meant to hide your pistol inside your waistband, after all.

We discovered that:Holsters with a 12″ wingspan do not work better than reasonably sized holsters.

You should demand your Concealed Carry holsters to have a small footprint.

Smaller holsters are more comfortable anyway.

Think about it:This holster is worn inside your pants. Smaller is better.

Do you prefer a tucked-in shirt?

No problem. You can easily tuck your shirt in while wearing your No Print Wonder holster.

Simply tuck your shirt in around the holster and behind the clips.

This feature can come in handy from time to time even if you rarely tuck in your shirt.

It’d be a shame to leave your protection at home because you can’t hide your pistol in a tucked-in shirt.

Protect Your Pistol from Sweat.

Sweat doesn’t belong on your firearm. A good holster should work to shield your gun from the havoc that sweat wreaks on metal.

Typical hybrid or leather holsters can’t fully provide your gun with a Sweat shield because leather is not waterproof.

A Clinger Holster encases your weapon in sweat-proof Kydex. It’s the best way to keep sweat off your pistol.

Dial Your Retention In

Holster retention is a very subjective setting. Some prefer a very loose fit on their pistol. Some prefer the holster to grip the pistol with a very firm grip. With Clinger Holsters, you’ll have the choice to go from a loose retention to a very tight retention or to somewhere in between. 

This is a VERY Stable Holster

After you get your No Print Wonder holster in your favorite position on your belt, it’ll stay there.

It will not shift throughout your day.

The dual belt clips on the No Print Wonder holster is where the credit for stability goes.

There are a few other holsters on the market that use dual belt clips. However, the vast majority of them spread the clips out much farther than what is necessary.

A really wide holster proves to be less comfortable while offering no advantage over our holsters with Small Footprints.

Lifetime Warranty

In the unlikely event that your holster breaks down, we’ll repair it or replace it free of charge.

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  1. bobzero4

    This holster really hides my xd 4 inch well. Sometimes the gun industry takes a while to catch up to waht I want as a shooter. This holster hits the mark with me though. I can carry my xd in the summer now. It’s nice carrying the gun I want all year instead of just winter time.

  2. Joel

    Looks like a lot of detail went into the design but also the quality is really good. The holster seems very tough as well. The fit is perfect too.

  3. Mark Greenwood

    Just received the V2 no print wonder the other day. The quality and attention to detail is second to none. I also had a question after I placed my order, with one phone call my question was answered, and my problem solved in less than 5 minutes. That is HUGE for me. Clinger Holsters is the real deal.

  4. Yohance

    Have been using this holster for my Sar K2P(which is almost impossible to find holsters for… Lol), and after about 4 months, I absolutely love it. Little to no printing at all, and sits so comfortably. Will definitely get another one of these.

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