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Designed for Absolute Concealment

Every holster company specializes in different aspects of holster design. Here at Clinger Holsters, we focus on Absolute Concealment.

It’s our passion.

We can help you conceal your pistol better than you thought possible.

It’s what our holsters are designed to do: conceal your pistol better than any other holster you’ve tried.

With a Clinger Holster, you’ll have the confidence that your pistol is very well hidden.

How Do Clinger Holsters Hide Your Gun So Well?

It’s simple:

Our holsters pull the grip of your weapon in close to your body.

We mount the belt clip closer to the grip side of the holster than other holster companies do.

It’s simple geometry, really.

When you cinch your belt down, the grip of your pistol is pulled in more than the slide of your pistol because the belt clip is closer to the grip.

Small details like this make a big difference in helping you to conceal your handgun better than you could with other holsters.

How good are Clinger Holsters?

Dozens of Police departments, Private Detective Firms, & even some State Bureaus of Investigation use Clinger Holsters for undercover work.

Hundreds of thousands of people who love our Concealed Carry Holsters follow us on Facebook.

You can rest easy knowing our holsters have been vetted by skilled professionals who demand rock solid equipment.

What Size Pistol Do You Pack?

Here’s a thought:

You shouldn’t be limited to carrying smaller guns.

Smaller guns have their place. However, you should have the option to carry your bigger guns when you want to. And you should be able to carry bigger handguns without wearing baggy clothes.

I can’t emphasize this enough:

You can carry full size guns without being detected.

It’s sad but true:
Many people only carry their full size guns to the gun range. They feel it’s too difficult to carry their bigger guns in a concealed carry holster.

Bigger guns are usually the best-shooting guns in your collection. Should our best-shooting guns be “safe queens”?

Maybe you occasionally carry a bigger gun when you wear heavy clothing during the colder months.

But Consider this:

Because Clinger Holsters pull the grip of your weapon in so close to your body, you can carry your bigger guns in normal clothing.

As a result, it’s easier to conceal carry during the warmer months too.

Big Holsters Suck!

We always make our holsters as small as possible.

Smaller guns conceal easier than big guns. Obvious right? The same rule applies to the holster encasing the gun.

Bigger holsters are harder to conceal.

That’s not all…

Smaller holsters are more comfortable than gargantuan holsters as well.

So think about it.

We’re putting these holsters inside our waistband most of the time. Does a huge holster make sense?

If a holster is too wide, it can be like sticking a board in your pants.

We trim away all of the unnecessary Kydex from the Holster. What’s left is the perfect amount of holster to perform flawlessly and nothing else.

Full Kydex Holsters are Thinner, Lighter, & Stronger

This is no exaggeration. Our Kydex is 0.08 inches thick. That number illustrates just how little bulk our holsters add to your handgun.

Leather just can’t compete with Kydex’s small profile and weight.

Leather is bulkier, heavier, and flimsier all at the same time. That’s just not right.

And don’t forget:

Leather will wear out. It’s a fact.

Kydex does not.

Leather holsters can actually become dangerous to use after they start to lose their shape.

This is scary:

Worn out leather holsters can actually get inside the trigger guard and cause an accidental discharge. It’s not common but there are many documented cases of it happening.

Kydex is stronger than that. It simply will not wear out and get flimsy. You can wear it every day for years and it will always perform exactly the same.

Our Stingray Holster Has a Full Sweat Shield

A full sweat shield on your holster will obviously protect your weapon from salty perspiration.

But don’t forget about the comfort factor either.

Your favorite pistol is easier to carry if it’s comfortable! A full sweat shield makes the sharp edges of a pistol disappear.

It’s important to note:

Not all sweat shields were created equal. Leather will absorb sweat and pass it on through to the other side of the leather where the gun is.

Luckily for you:

Our sweat shields can be trusted to be fully sweat-proof

Adjustable retention

Maybe you prefer tight retention. Maybe you prefer your holster to hold onto your pistol with a loose grip. It’s completely up to you and adjustable by turning the retention screw.

Stable belt clip

Gravity can sometimes cause your heavy gun to lean in one specific direction. A wide, sturdy belt clip minimizes this effect.

Our amazing belt clip on the Stingray holster is heavily praised throughout the industry. It is very stable, tough & sturdy.

Tall Sight Radius

Our holsters have a tall sight radius to accommodate most after market sights. This allows you to still use your Clinger Holster after upgrading your sights.

Easy on / Easy off

Our Stingray holster is the easiest holster to put on/off that you’ll ever own. This is because of the wide, thick lip at the bottom of the clip. It’s very easy to grab onto.

Lifetime warranty

We stand behind our holsters. We build them so tough that they almost never break. However, if figure out how to break yours, just send it in and we’ll repair or replace it for you.

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