Obama Prisoner Release

Anyone Surprised?

Obama has not surprised anyone with his latest actions.

He has continually released criminals into society in mass numbers. These are not people who have violated minor laws. These are people who trafficked huge amounts of cocaine and other society-destroying drugs.

Many of these convicts also carried guns just in case another dealer encroached on their turf.

Listen to this.
Obama stated during the press event that drug laws are outdated.

He is showing that he believes it’s more important to nurture drug traffickers than to protect our children.

Releasing these criminals will most definitely impact law abiding citizens more than it will affect the criminals.

It’s obvious!
It’s very likely that these felons will go back to their life of crime and incarceration within a few months or years after being released. However, many lives will never go back to normal after encountering these thugs.

There will be scarred victims as these convicts cut their way through our society for a little while before making their way back to prison.

Think about this:
Many of these felons were breaking gun laws that Obama holds so dear. Over a dozen of these predators were carrying guns to their business meetings drug deals.

Obama has let loose almost 600 convicts this year alone. He proudly boasted that he broke the previous record. He has commuted more prisoners this year than any other year on record. For ANY president.

But wait. There’s more.
How many previous presidents would you have to string together to equal Obama’s total # of commutations? 3? 5? Nope. 11. That’s not a typo; 11.

The White House stated that they’re “reinvigorating the clemency process”.

Wouldn’t it be nice if they put that much effort into the American economy?

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  1. Tony M Tabor, Sr.
    Tony M Tabor, Sr. says:

    And the “Demos” wonder why we the citizen voted in Donald Trump. Dems, use a little of the common sense God gave you. You’ll have a better life!! Tony

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