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Clinger Holsters has the perfect XDs Mod.2 Kydex holsters ready to make concealed carrying the new pistol a breeze.

The XDs has been a very popular pistol for good reason. It does a lot right and not much wrong to produce a pistol that is just about perfect for concealed carry.

Get ready for the upgraded Mod.2 version. Springfield Armory is not a company to rest on its laurels. It took a pistol loved by the masses and slathered their popular Mod.2 upgrades all over it. The new XDs Mod.2 looks like a  mix between the original XDs and the XDe pistol released in 2017.

In fact, the side view of the XD Mod.2, XDe and XDs Mod.2 now look very similar. You’d have to take a second look to pick out the new XDs Mod.2.

So what’s actually changed?

Lots: updated sights, frame, slide, trigger, and stippling.  That’s just naming the obvious design changes.

These new pistols won’t fit your old Xds holster. You’ll need to get new XDs Mod.2 concealed carry holsters. We’ve got you covered there. Clinger Holsters makes the best holsters in the biz.

Grip Zone?

The Grip Zone is definitely still there. The “grip zone” description however, is now absent. Hopefully shooters will still figure out where to grip the gun at. OK, everybody was waiting for that line.

Everybody hated or loved to hate the “Grip Zone” description on the grip of the Mod.2 pistols. It was the butt of many, many…many jokes on the forums.

Most people however, failed to see the humor and realized that Springfield Armory was simply using marketing to point out that ergonomics was a central feature of their Mod.2 pistols.

Alas, Springfield Armory couldn’t take the poking on the forums any longer. They ditched “Grip Zone” from the grip of the pistol.


The new XDs Mod.2 will initially be introduced in .45 ACP (just as the original XDs was).

Springfield will offer the XDS Mod.2 with a stock sight option, an Ameriglo sight option, and a Viridian red laser option.

Dimensions & Weight

The XDs Mod.2 truly comes in concealed carry form factor. It’s just 6.5” long and 4.4” high (5” high with the mid-mag).

The dimension that really helps with concealed carry is this one: the grip width is 975” wide. This thin width will disappear in a good XDs Mod.2 Kydex holster.

It has the same 3.3” barrel.

One interesting characteristic of both the old and new XDs pistols is the weight. It is quite a few ounces heavier than some other Single Stack Nines in this class.

For instance, the Glock 43 weighs around 17 ounces while the Glock 19 weighs 23 ounces.

So the XDs Mod.2 weighs closer to the duty size Glock 19 than the concealed carry size Glock 43. Of course, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The XDs Mod.2 will definitely feel better in the hand when shooting hot loads than the lighter pistols in its class will.

Fit & Finish

Opening the case on a new XD is a beautiful thing. They’re just flat out nice pistols. The quality is always there.

They usually look great too. The look good laying on the counter. They look good in new XDs Mod.2 concealed carry holsters! They look nice any way you slice it.

You can tell when handling this pistol that a team of engineers poured over every single detail. This doesn’t feel like a cheap pistol in any aspect or from any angle.

You can really feel the quality of the pistol when holding it as well. It really forms to your hand.

The Melonite finish really looks great as it always does on Springfields pistols.

All-in-all, it feels like a much more expensive pistol than it is.

It looks especially good inside Clinger XDs Mod.2 holsters!


 Great Sights

There are tons of great features on the latest XDs. For starters, you can get it with optional Ameriglo Pro-Glo sights! The sights feature a green night sight with a yellow ring around it. The rear Ameriglo sight is a black U-notch featuring “tactical-rack”.

Tactical-rack is good in a pinch. More and more gun designs are incorporating the feature. The XDs Mod.2 basically has the same sights as the older version other than the addition of the “tactical rack”. The rear sight essentially has a cut out on the front to make it flat.

This can allow you to rack the slide one-handed. You can use a shelf, desk, or even a gun belt if you’re brave enough to catch the rear slide to enable a one-handed rack. We would only ever use our self-defense pistol in a life or death situation. If that moment ever arrives, you’d want every little feature on your gun like “tactical-rack” or any other advantage you could think of for that matter.

Some holster companies might design their holsters to accommodate both sets of sights. Clinger Holsters’ XDs Mod.2 holsters will work great with both sets of sights.

Steel Mags

The XDs Mod.2 comes with steel mags as the original did. In fact, if you have any mags left over from the original, they’ll work in the new one too. Of course, XDe mags are compatible too since they’re just XDs mags.

The XDs Mod.2 will ship with a 5-round Flush Mag, and a 6-round Mid-Mag. Also, you’ll have the option of buying the Xtension Mag which holds 7 rounds.

Grip Safety

Here’s a feature XD fans really love: the grip safety. This one feature helped differentiate XD pistols from the crowd when they were first introduced.

Most shooters don’t shy away from the grip safety. They’ve been used in popular 1911 pistols for over a century after all. Honestly, it’s shocking that more gun manufacturers don’t use them.

Picture this scenario

When you’re pushing a loaded weapon into your pants, your shirt tail gets into the trigger guard. You’re not staring at the gun as it is being re-holsters as you should. The gun starts to enter the holster when the shirt won’t go with it anymore. You push the gun down one more inch and the shirt pulls the trigger back. It’s happened before. There are documented cases.

Imagine the scenario again

You’re looking at something other than the deadly weapon as it’s going into your holster (please don’t ever do that). You again press the XDs Mod.2 into your XDs Mod.2 holster with the shirt in the trigger guard. This time though, the gun doesn’t go bang as you continue to push the gun into the holster. Why? because you ensure that you never depress the grip safety while holstering. It gives you an added layer of protection.

Of course, guns with manual thumb safeties are very unlikely to accidentally discharge while being holstered if the safety is set. But you’ll also have to remember to flip that safety off in a moment of violence and stress if you have to defend your life with your pistol. Good luck with that.

The grip safety on the Springfield Armory XDs Mod.2 is a passive safety. It works without you clearing your mind and deactivating it during a self-defense shooting!

By the way

Never (ever!)  re-holster your weapon without watching the gun go into the holster. Do it slowly & carefully. Keep your finger away from the trigger guard and make sure your clothes don’t get tangled into the trigger guard either. Don’t get into a hurry to put a loaded gun into your waistband. Even with perfectly molded XDs Mod.2 holsters, your XDs Mod.2 should never be re-holstered with anything less than absolute caution.


The whole gun is built around ergonomics as a core design principle. The Springfield XDs Mod.2 has enhanced grip texturing.

The ergonomics are so amazing because the grip has three different stippling patterns wrapping around it. The perfect stippling pattern is used on different sections of the grip to maximize control while firing the pistol. The good news is that Springfield Armory remembered that this is a concealed carry gun. They didn’t get carried away with the stippling. When stippling is too aggressive it can really irritate a carrier’s skin.

Another welcome carry over from the mod.2 series is the higher undercut under the trigger guard. It not only feels better when gripping the pistol but also provides a higher grip on the pistol. That means: less perceived recoil, more control, and better accuracy under rapid fire.

The Posi-Wedge serrations are carried over from the XD Mod.2 pistol as well. Posi-Wedge allows more grip for racking the slide without being too sharp to the touch. The serrations really work better than what you’ll find on most other pistols. It’s much easier to hang onto the slide while yanking it back.

While this heater doesn’t have the option of replaceable back straps to dial in the fit, it does have 3 different mag options. This option does help you dial in the perfect balance of capacity vs concealment depending on your needs for the day.

You can use the Xtension Mag when you’re able to conceal it. It’ll definitely feel better in your hand. The Mid-Mag is the next best thing. It’s a bit bigger. If your hands aren’t huge, your pinky will have a place to call home. The Flush Mag leaves your pinky dangling in the wind but conceals easier.

Shooting It

This updated pistol shoots better and it handles better.

One of the standout improvements on the Mod.2 version of the XDs series is the trigger. It is much better. It’s honestly in a different league than the original XDs trigger.

The XDs Mod.2 has a dual captive recoil spring and full-length guide rod. This helps tame the recoil.

There’s another stat that helps tame the XDs Mod.2 recoil as well: its weight. Its 21.5 oz weight is heavier than most pistols in this class. Physics can’t be overruled. Heavier guns are harder for the cartridge’s explosion to push back.

That 21.5 ounces is still a breeze to carry in good XDs Mod.2 holsters.

The barrel has a 1:16 right hand twist (Just FYI).

The sights on XDs were already great before. However, they’ve been updated further. The stock sights have 2 white dot rear sight with serrations on the back and a fiber optic front sight. The serrations on the back diffuse any light that might otherwise bounce off the sight.

The upgraded Ameriglo sights will be very popular on the gun. Many will also opt for the laser option.


The trigger safety has the standard bladed trigger you see on guns like the XD line or Glock pistols. It will mostly prevent the trigger from being pressed from the side.

Secondly, it has a “drop-proof” grip safety. If its truly “drop-proof”, that’ll bring some peace of mind. The grip safety is nice though. It’s a passive safety so you don’t have to worry about remembering to flip it off in a stressful situation.

The grip safety brings peace of mind when re-holstering the pistol as well. If you keep your hand off the grip safety when re-holstering, the gun is exponentially less likely to accidentally discharge. That’s a great safety feature.


This was already a sweet gun. These updates are welcome though. Springfield Armory has somehow figured out a way to make the XDs even sweeter.

The standard MSRP is $568. The Ameriglo upgrade is $50 extra while the Viridian upgrade is just $30 extra.

We’ll most likely see the 9mm version available later this year so keep an eye out.

Make sure to pair this gun with the perfect companion: a couple of XDs Mod.2 concealed carry holsters from Clinger Holsters!