The Perfect Walther PPQ Subcompact Holsters

For Concealed Carry

Walther PPQ Subcompact holsters

Walther PPQ Subcompact Holsters

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Walther PPQ Subcompact Holsters

This is one of the best pistols available for Concealed Carry. Clinger Holsters makes the best Walther PPQ Subcompact Holsters on the planet. They pull the grip close and have a small footprint. That’s what makes Concealed Carry easy.


It’s finally here! We’ve asked for the PPQ Subcompact for years. It took a long time but the wait was worth it.

The PPQ can be labeled as the gun that ushered in the modern pistol.

Nobody talked about how great a striker-fired trigger could be until the PPQ hit the scene. At the same time, people only thought they’d held an ergonomic gun before the PPQ.

The PPQ is the real deal. It mastered ergonomics & it mastered the striker-fired trigger. All other pistols were deemed inferior upon its arrival. The pistol is about the same size as the Glock 19too so it was just small enough to conceal carry if you so chose.

However, life sometimes gives us lemons. While the PPQ isn’t as big as a full-sized gun like the Glock 17 or Sig P226, it’s not always possible to dress around a gun the size of the PPQ. Enter the PPQ Subcompact.

Take a half inch off the barrel and shorten the grip on the PPQ and all of a sudden you’ve got much more versatility in your wardrobe selection. Acquire a couple of great Walther PPQ Subcompact holsters and your options are blown wide open.

The shortened grip will make it much easier to conceal the PPQ Subcompact behind the hip or in the appendix position. Everybody knows that the grip is the hardest part of the gun to conceal.

The length is a Very Manageable at 6.6 inches.

The shorter barrel will make it easier to conceal the PPQ Subcompact in the appendix position. Sitting down is difficult when there’s a 4” barrel poking you in the pelvis! Shaving 1/2” off the barrel doesn’t sound like much. However, those who conceal in appendix will tell you that it makes all the difference in the world.

Many shooters will also enjoy combining the shorter barrel with the extended mag. Perhaps they don’t have a problem concealing the longer grip. Now these appendix folks can be more comfortable with their PPQ up front while holding onto their ammo count (15+1).

The weight of 21 ounces is very easy to carry all day long.


The PPQ Subcompact comes with one ten round mag and one 15 round mag. A ten round mag with pinky rest is available as well.

The 15 round mag has grip extension sleeve that makes it nearly identical to the original PPQ grip.

This pistol has front and rear serrations cut into the slide. While front serrations are showing up on more and more pistols, most manufactures still opt to skip this feature. However, it is quite handy for press-checking your firearm.

When you think about whether or not it’s useful to have serrations on the front of the slide or not, try to remember how a self-defense pistol is used. You want every possible advantage in a self-defense situation.

If you have to reload or re-rack your pistol during a life and death fight, you’d want the whole slide filled with serrations and you’d wish you had wide-receiver style gloves on. The bottom line is you’d want every last ounce of grip on the slide you could possibly manage. So why wouldn’t a gun have front slide serrations?

It’s similar to the question: Why wouldn’t your Kydex Walther PPQ Subcompact holsters have adjustable retention? The details matter in life and death situations.

The slide stop lever on the PPQ Subcompact is ambidextrous. This can be a tactical advantage for right handers too. Suppose your strong hand is injured or pinned in a self-defense scenario. Wouldn’t it be advantageous to have full control of the pistol with either hand? If you truly expect the unexpected in a fight-or-flight situation (which you should), ambidextrous controls bring peace of mind.

Another benefit to Lefties is the mag release. It can be swapped to either side for lefties or righties. Some pistols don’t come with this option. Not every manufacturer wants to tool up this option for 10% of the population, it can be “make or break” for left-handed people.

Shooting Characteristics

Everybody knows what the PPQ brings to the table in the trigger category. They set the standard for striker-fired triggers. Before the PPQ, it was just “accepted” that a striker-fired trigger just didn’t feel great unless you invested in an aftermarket trigger.

The PPQ changed what we expected from a striker-fired trigger. You’ll be happy to know that the PPQ Subcompact follows suit. It is everything you know and love about the original PPQ.

The PPQ Subcompact now sets the standard in the subcompact realm of pistols. All other manufactures have already started working on catching up to the PPQ’s trigger. Now they’ll take notice and do their best to come after the PPQ Subcompact.

Top-notch, pedigree guns like the PPQ Subcompact really help the entire industry. Because the PPQ Subcompact performs so well, other manufactures will have to do their very best to match it. You’d better believe that whether they can match the PPQ Subcompact or not, the next handgun from Walther will raise the bar again. Walther is that dedicated to raising the bar.

Walther’s “Quick Defense Trigger” has a 5.6 lb trigger pull. It is smooth with a clean break. In addition,  the reset is tactile and audible. It really is a great, intuitive trigger. It makes hitting the target fast and accurately a breeze.

This gun comes with 3 dot sights. It’s a great setup to hit a target quickly The rear sight is adjustable for windage.

This heater has a 3.5” barrel with polygonal rifling & a 1:10 twist.


The Walther PPQ Subcompact features the ergonomics that brought the original ppq into the spotlight. The texture on the grip is now well-known. You see variations of it on other manufacturer’s guns now. It works great at keeping the pistol firmly planted in your hands. The stippling is not uncomfortable on your back either (especially when you’re using great Walther PPQ Subcompact holsters).

This is important when you have it in your Walther PPQ Subcompact holster. Whether you’re carrying this pistol in the appendix position or behind the hip, you don’t want harsh stippling irritating you.

As with the original PPQ, the PPQ Subcompact has replaceable backstraps. They come in 2 sizes: small & large. This really helps to dial in the ergonomics of the pistol.

Quality & Reliability

This is a Walther. This conversation doesn’t even need to be had. You know when you handle a Walther, you’re handling an elite weapon. Walther pistols cost more than some other pistol brands…for a reason. It’s an elite weapon. It takes quality, reliability, and attention to detail to a higher level than most of its competition.

A self-defense pistol is comparable to a parachute. It’s worth paying more for the one that’s 2% more likely to work in a life-and-death situation. It’s worth paying more for the one with the larger, more ergonomic pull cord. Whatever advantages it has, they’re worth paying extra for.


Walther stands behind this pistol with a Lifetime Warranty. While Walther is among the elite pistol manufacturer’s, no company’s record is 100%. A lifetime warranty separates Walther from many of its competitors.

The MSRP on the Walther PPQ Subcompact is $649. That’s a bargain for an elite pistol. This is a pistol that can be carried everyday that performs as well as any duty pistol you can think of.

Pair this fine pistol with the best Walther PPQ Subcompact holsters available. You’ll find many great ones to choose from on the home page of Clinger Holsters.