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The Walther Polizei Pistole Quick Defence (PPQ) is one of the most popular handguns in the Walther arsenal. Our Walther PPQ Kydex concealed carry holsters are a great way to carry them.


The PPQ originated in Europe in 2011. The initial model, the PPQ M1, comes with the European style magazine release paddle mounted to the trigger guard.

The PPQ M2, unveiled at 2013’s SHOT SHOW was designed with the American-style mag release (push button), behind the trigger guard, on the left side of the frame.

The mag release on the M2 is reversible for lefties. That is a big selling feature.

Let’s Size them Up

The PPQ  (M1 and M2) is a striker-fired, recoil-operated locked breech semi-automatic pistol

The PPQ (M1 and M2) is 5.3 inches tall, 7.1 inches long, and 1.3 inches wide, making it optimal for your concealed carry needs.

At this time, the PPQ M2 magazines are not interchangeable with the M1 magazines.

Our PPQ 9mm holsters are a welcome addition to many range bags.

I’ve Got Chills

The PPQ M2 is a beauty to hold.

The stippling is designed to be so ergonomic that you can (even though you shouldn’t) limp-wrist it and still hit your intended target.

The M2 mag release, assists you with a rapid reload and maintaining a solid firing grip. Most people should not have to readjust their firing grip in order to drop the magazine.


The reason the PPQ is called the Quick Defense is because of the Quick-Defense trigger.

Unlike most triggers, the initial trigger pull does not require the strength of Hercules to let fly the first round.

No, the PPQ has an initial trigger pull weight of 5 pounds and the follow upshots are like a hair trigger at only 2.5 pounds.

The best part about the trigger?

The reset is smooth, crisp, audibleand tactile.

Walther is a juggernaut in handgun engineering and the PPQ is no different. Also check out our Walther PPQ 5 inch holsters!

Caliber: 9mm
Capacity: 15+1
Weight: 24 oz
Barrel Length: 4”
Cost: $550