The Perfect Walther CCP Holsters

For Concealed Carry


Walther CCP Holsters

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Concealed Carry Pistol

What can I say about the Walther CCP?

Well, for starters, the CCP stands for Concealed Carry Pistol, in which case it lives up to its name.

First Impressions

The CCP is a fine addition to the Walther lineup. It is ultra-compact, amazingly ergonomic, lightweight, and even looks great.

The CCP is only 6.5 inches long, 5.1 inches tall, and 1.2 inches wide. This gun is ideal for Concealed Carry.


Many Walther fans will compare the CCP to the PPS M2 when deciding on which Single Stack 9 they want to buy from Walther. They are both excellent with a couple of differences.

The main difference (besides the shape) is the trigger. The PPS M2 feels more like the PPQ trigger. It’s an excellent striker fired trigger.

The CCP trigger is more like a revolver trigger (or a Kahr for that matter). The trigger is less likely to be accidentally depressed but it isn’t as quick and easy to fire in quick bursts.

Some shooters will argue that a pistol with a manual safety should not have an excessively long trigger pull to activate the cycle.

Field Stripping Could Be Easier

Another aspect that can be considered a draw back to the CCP is the difficulty of field stripping it. When I first get my hands on a gun, straight out of the package- I disassemble and clean it. The take-down of the CCP is frustrating and time-consuming. The process consists of five to six steps if you don’t mess up and have to start over.

When I am field-stripping my gun, I like to imagine as if I am doing it in a tactical field-like environment. I will even time myself on certain occasions.

I, as a consumer and firearms enthusiast, should not need any tools to strip, clean, and reassemble my gun.

All in All

It is a great firearm. The ergonomics are amazing, it shoots well, is accurate, and will conceal well.

May the Force be with you when it comes time to clean Walther’s Concealed Carry Pistol.

Caliber: 9mm
Capacity: 8+1
Weight: 22oz
Barrel Length: 3.54”
Cost: $400