The Perfect Taurus TCP Holsters

For Concealed Carry

TCP 738

Taurus TCP Holsters

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No-Print Wonder

This Taurus G2C holster  is for a gun that is micro-framed, polymer-framed semi-automatic pistol designed and manufactured by the American company Taurus, based in Florida.


The TCP is a gun that is not hard on the eyes by any means.

Total Concealment is no joke when it comes to the 738 TCP.

This pistol is ideal for pocket carry.

The grip on the TCP is similar to the other pistols in the Taurus lineup.

There are 3 different safeties on the TCP.

  • The TSS is an active safety found on most Taurus guns. It is an internal locking system that is only released by the key provided by Taurus.
  • The trigger safety
  • The loaded chamber indicator


Taurus did a pretty good job with the design of this one.

All the controls are well within reach of my strong hand or support hand.

The take-down is simple and easy.

It’s also important to note that the TCP has a larger trigger guard than it’s main competitor: the Ruger LCP. This can help you get to the trigger faster if you have gloves on (or if you don’t for that matter).

Any gun this size isn’t going to feel like it was made to fit your hand. Period. However, considering the paltry size of the TCP, they’ve done a pretty good job of making the TCP feel bigger than a toy in your hand.


This gun has astonished many people since its release.

This gun can swallow and spit whatever you feed it. The best part is there were no malfunctions or misfires.

The recoil is noticeable but manageable. It is possible to maintain a solid firing grip for follow-up shots.

Taurus is a great gun brand, especially when you are keeping an eye on your wallet. You won’t sacrifice quality for the price.

The TCP is a comfortable, reliable, and amazing micro-compact pistol.


Unlike the LCP, the TCP has a slide stop that holds the slide open after the last round is fired. (Ruger finally remedied this frustration with the LCP II).

Overall, the TCP feels like a well thought out design. It feels bigger in your hand than it actually is. It feels incredibly small in your pocket as well.

Finally, (and most importantly) you can hit the target with it pretty reliably from a few paces away. This is the gun you take with you when you don’t have room in your pants for the ol’Desert Eagle 50 cal. It’s also the gun you take with you when even the small S&W Shield is too big for your attire.

With the TCP in your arsenal, you don’t have to worry about leaving your home unarmed. Taurus TCP Holsters can be found for Inside the waistband or pocket. However you’ll see Taurus TCP Holsters for the pocket are far more common as the TCP is an excellent pocket gun.

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