The Perfect Taurus PT709 Holsters

For Concealed Carry

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Taurus PT709 Holsters

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The Taurus PT709 is a compact semi-automatic pistol from the American company Taurus.

Looks Good

The PT709 out of the box is slim, ergonomic, and beautiful. It looks great in our Taurus PT709 Slim holsters.

The dimensions of the PT709 are

  • 5 inches in height
  • 6 inches long
  • only an inch wide, otherwise known as SLIM

This pistol is ideal for concealed carry in either a pocket or an IWB holster, such as our Taurus 709 Kydex holsters.

The grip texture is the same as what is on the PT111 G2.

The PT709 contains 4 different safeties.

  • The Taurus Security System (TSS) is an active safety found on most Taurus guns. It is an internal locking system that is only released by the key provided by Taurus.
  • The manual thumb-activated safety found to the rear of the slide, on the left-hand side of the frame.
  • The trigger safety- Apply ‘positive pressure’ to the trigger. So you can activate the firing mechanism.
  • The loaded chamber indicator is a tactile and visible sign that there may be a round in the chamber.

Feels Good

Taurus did a pretty good job with the design of this one

All the controls are well within reach of my strong hand or support hand.

The safety is small enough that it does not hinder drawing or re-holstering.

The take-down is simple and easy.

Good at the Range

This gun has astonished many people since its release.

This gun can swallow and spit whatever you feed it.

The recoil is noticeable but manageable.

I am aware that Taurus has had issues in the past but the Taurus PT709 is a step in the right direction.

Now all you need is a couple of great Taurus 709 Kydex Holsters to conceal this great firearm in any situation. Choose from our selection of Taurus PT709 holsters for concealed carry above!

Caliber: 9mm
Capacity: 7+1
Weight: 19 oz
Barrel Length: 3”
Cost: $250