The Perfect Steyr M40-A1 Holsters

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Steyr M40-A1 Holsters

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Steyr M40-A1

Steyr Fans know all about the reliability and ergonomics of the A1 Series. On the front lines of mid-size world, the M40-A1 is a pistol that can’t be beat. Reviewers rave “This is the Best Pistil Nobody Knows About,” but that’s not stopping Steyr from creating some of the best semi-automatic handguns on the market. This pistol comes with all the features you have come to expect of Steyr pistols, with superior ergonomics, safety and accuracy. Check out our review, then buy one of our Steyr M40-A1 concealed carry holsters.


The M40-A1 comes with a four-inch barrel, which functions as an ideal self-defense firearm, whether at home, as a concealed carry firearm, or even for sport shooting. It has an integrated accessory rail which allows for mounting your favorite tactical accessories, whether light or laser. The “slide-racking” grooves, according to Steyr, “at the rear of the slide allow for a firm grip when loading or clearing the chamber.”

The frame is specifically designed with a high grip and long beavertail to protect your hand and to give you a secure hold. This pistol also comes with a trapezoidal sight system that makes target acquisition quick and reliable.


As we said before, this pistol is perfect for concealed carry—weighing in at 27.2 ounces the M40-A1 would ride comfortably, all day, in the perfect IWB Steyr Kydex holster. Overall the M40-A1 is 6.9 inches long, 5.35 inches high, and only 1.2 inches wide. This means that this pistol is just slightly larger than the average cell phone. Many of you might be inclined to carry the M40-A1 as a pocket pistol, which if you have deep enough pockets (pun, not intended), then this pistol would be perfect for you. Regardless of how you carry, the M40-A1 will continue to reliably serve.

Caliber:.40 S&W
Barrel: 4”
Overall: 6.9”
Weight: 27.2 oz. empty
Capacity: 12+1
Cost: $679.00-$968.00 MSRP