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Springfield EMP 4 Inch Holsters

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Springfield Armory 1911 EMP 4

Springfield Armory designed the original EMP with an “all-new Patented short action.” Now, the EMP 4 has every innovation made to the series, 17 redesigns later. This mini 1911 is comfortable, concealable, and optimized for the smaller 9mm and .40S&W calibers. Springfield Armory has two versions of their EMP 4—the Champion .40S&W and the Lightweight Champion 9mm.


The four-inch barrel of Springfield’s EMP 4s offers an increased sight radius for more practical accuracy and target acquisition. And if you know anything about ballistics, you know that this slightly longer barrel on a compact adds extra velocity for the cartridge. Sitting on that barrel is a fiber optic front sight and two-dot, combat rear sights that are low-profile to prevent snagging but add to the EMP’s target acquisition capabilities.

The pistols are finished in black anodized aluminum (in the 9mm) or Springfield’s Carbon Steel Black Amory Kote (.40S&W) that protects, and resists corrosion paired with Cocobolo wood grips. Springfield says, “Looks aren’t everything [but] the EMP is sure to turn heads at the range.”


Sitting at five-and-a-half-inches in height, the EMP 4 adds extra room for a strong grip, regardless of hand size. Springfield’s EMP 4s come with ambidextrous safety levers, and Springfield’s Posi-Lok grip texture to the front strap for added grip control. For added safety, the EMPs come with a grip safety, which gives them the classic 1911 feel.

The EMP 4s pack ten 9mm rounds or nine .40S&W rounds in a slim, single stack magazine (plus one in the chamber). This choice was made by Springfield to decrease the grip circumference for added comfort, concealability, and control.

Caliber: .40 S&W / 9mm
Barrel: 4”
Overall: 7.5”
Weight: 37 oz. / 31 oz. empty
Capacity: 9+1 / 10+1
Cost: $1179.00 MSRP