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Springfield Armory has produced a brand new pocket pistol: the 911. It’s a pocket-sized, metal-framed .380 pistol specifically designed for close range defense. While there are similar pistols on the market, Springfield has definitely brought its own style to this genre of pistols. It definitely brings a fresh look to the market. In addition, the 911 brings some cool features you haven’t seen in this type of pistol, which is easy to conceal in our Springfield 911 holsters for concealed carry.

Springfield says it’s a pocket gun with shooting characteristics similar the the 1911. Most would say it’s similar to Sig’s P238. Those who really know this gun category would say it’s based on the Colt Mustang Pocketlite on which the Sig P238 is based. Of course, Colt did base the Colt Mustang on the 1911.

Springfield’s engineers say they’ve figured out how to optimize the shooting characteristics on this style of pistol. Because of their design tweaks, Springfield thinks it shoots better than other guns in its size class.

There’s no doubt that it’ll shoot better than a polymer .380. Having a metal frame will add a few ounces of weight. Although the new 911 is only 12 ounces, it’s still 20% – 30% heavier than some polymer .380 offerings.

However, Springfield Armory claims to outshoot the metal-framed offerings too. How do the accomplish that feat? According to Springfield Armory,  they have optimized the proportional relationship between the slide, trigger guard and frame.

It’s hard to see what’s different in the relationship between these parts when comparing the 911 to the Sig P238Colt Mustang, or Kimber Micro 380. You can notice a deeper undercut under the trigger guard though. In addition, the beavertail does little a little bigger than it’s competitors’.

You can definitely tell that Springfield didn’t want it to “look” like a me-too pistol though. Springfield Armory gave this little heater very distinctive styling. It’s slide is more angular. The trigger guard is square. There’s G10 all over the gun. All-in-all, the gun looks way more modern and cool than the other metal framed pocket .380 pistols that preceded it. Clinger Holsters uses the same approach when designing Springfield 911 concealed carry holsters!

If you own one of these pistols, you’ll definitely have some eye candy in your gun collection.


Let’s look at some of the cool new features the Springfield 911 brings to the table. For starters, let’s look at the most obvious features on this beautiful weapon. There is G10 all over this thing. It comes standard with beautiful Hogue grips. Plus, the mainspring housing is made from G10 (also from hogue). Lastly, and this is an industry first, the trigger shoe is made of G10. The trigger shoe is once again produced by Hogue.

Wow. That’s different. It’s almost like you’re getting a custom gun right out of the box. I’m not sure how much the G10 trigger improves the gun, but it might give a more positive surface for your finger to engage.

Perhaps a G10 mainspring housing weighs a few grams less than aluminum…maybe. It will give a great grip though!

G10 is an amazing material to use on a pistol because of how well it can be textured. If you can squeeze it anywhere on a pistol that will help maintain control, it’s a welcome addition.

Not only does the G10 add to the pistols ergonomics, it just plain looks cool.

Let’s look at the feature that’ll grab the most attention outside of all the G10 on this pistol: Ameriglo sights come standard! The Springfield 911 comes with an Ameriglo Pro-Glo green tritium front sight. The rear sight is a U-notch rear sight with green tritium.

The sights were built with a great tactical feature. The front edge is flat. This allows the operator to rack the slide one-handed using a ledge. Some have even learned how to do this with their gun belt. I’m not sure I’d want to try that unless it was a life and death situation though.

Here’s another great detail that aids concealed carry: the sights are low profile and snag free. You should be able to smoothly present the pistol from concealment.

Springfield Armory has also designed a loaded chamber indicator into the 911’s design. This is a nice safety feature. It’s especially useful to have a loaded chamber indicator in low-light scenarios. It’s very comforting to know you can run your finger over the indicator for instant feedback on your pistol’s condition status.

Next up on the feature list is the ambidextrous thumb safety. This is a great feature for lefties but it can be a tactical feature for righties as well. You never know when your strong hand can  be injured or trapped in a self-defense situation. Having a thumb safety on both sides of the pistol can only make the pistol more tactically sound.

In addition, the thumb safety is an extended thumb safety. That can really help get the safety switched off fast when you’re under pressure.

Springfield used 7075 T6 anodized aluminum in the 911’s frame. It’s a tough yet lightweight aluminum that really shaves the weight off this little pocket pistol.

The slide and barrel are made of 416 stainless steel.


Springfield Armory offers 2 options for the slides finish: black nitride or brushed-satin matte. Both look great on the gun.

The other styling features incorporated by Springfield all add up to make a gorgeous pistol. The G10 grips alone really make the pistol look great. They’re high quality grips make by Hogue.

The grips really give the gun a cool, custom look. Plus the G10 trigger and mainspring housing help add to the look.

Also the angular styling of the slide and square-shaped trigger guard really separate the 911 from the Sig P238, Colt Mustang Pocketlite, and Kimber Micro 380. Another styling difference is the larger beavertail. It does look cool but it also helps tame the recoil and ensure you don’t get hammer-bite.

It looks great in sweet Springfield 911 Kydex holsters by Clinger Holsters too.


The ergonomics on this pistol are touted as the best in the biz by Springfield. They claim to have the best shooting 380 in the industry on their hands thanks to their “optimized relationship” between the slide, frame, and trigger guard.

The “Octo-grip” texturing on the frontstrap and mainspring housing definitely help the overall ergonomics.

The G10 grips have a huge effect on the ergonomics. They almost single-handedly give the 911 the best ergonomics in this genre.

The 7-round extended mag gives your pinky somewhere to rest while also squeezing in one extra round of ammunition while the 6-round flush fitting mag helps the pistol conceal better.

The beavertail helps give a more positive grip on the pistol while also taming recoil.

All these ergonomics add up to the perfect concealed carry rig when wrapped up inside Springfield 911 concealed carry holsters from Clinger.

Shooting Characteristics

The great ergonomics and 5 lb trigger really help tame the 911’s recoil. The trigger has a short reset to really help get the gun back on target fast.

The full length guide rod and flat wire recoil spring also help to tame recoil.

Fast target re-acquistion is possible with the 911. You can’t usually say that about a pocket gun.


While there are already a few metal-framed pocket .380 pistols, Springfield Armory’s 911 really differentiated itself from the pack. It promises to shoot better, bring more features, and look cooler than it’s predecessors in the category.

There are versions available with and without Viridian laser grips and in two different finishes.

Capacity is 7+1 with the extended mag.

MSRP is $599 for the non-laser version & $789 for the Viridian laser grip version.

Make sure to get your Springfield 911 Kydex holsters from Clinger Holsters to go with your new pistol and you’ll have a sweet carry rig for ultimate concealment.