The Perfect Sig P320 Full Size Holsters

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Sig P320 Full Size Holsters

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Sig Sauer P320 Full-Size

For many Sig fans out there, nothing beats the Sig Sauer P320 Full-Size. It has the same reliability that you have come to expect from Sig, with a more intuitive three-point takedown, modularity, a crisp and accurate trigger—all in a full-size frame and available in both 9mm and .40 S&W (and actually two more calibers. But for Clinger Holsters, we’re going to focus on the 9mm and .40). Read our review, then browse Sig P320 Full Size Kydex concealed carry holsters above.


The P320 comes with an interchangeable striker-fired trigger group, which means that you can convert this pistol to another caliber or pistol size with the same trigger group. It is also important to note that the P320 has an easy, tool-free disassembly system that doesn’t require pulling the trigger. Speaking of triggers, the P320 full-size offers a smooth trigger with a short trigger travel for quick follow-up shots.

This pistol also has easy of modularity to custom fit the grip without the need for backstraps. Shooters can choose from small, medium, or large grips for an optimal, tailored fit—which Sig claims, you can’t get by merely changing out backstraps.

The full-length slide paired with the standard SIGLITE Night Sights make the P320 perfect for target shooting, home and personal defense. It also comes with two safeties: a striker safety and a disconnect safety. In the box, Sig ships the P320 with two magazines: either two, 17-round capacity magazines in 9mm, or two, 14-round capacity magazines in .40 S&W.

Even with the full-size frame, the P320 lends itself to concealed carry. With the perfect IWB holster, the P320 will easily disappear on the hip. See for yourself with our SIG P320 Full Size holsters. Weighing in at 29.5 ounces the P320 has no issue riding all day.

Caliber: 9mm / .40 S&W
Barrel: 4.7”
Overall: 8.0”
Weight: 29.5 oz. empty
Capacity: 17+1 / 14+1
Cost: $679.00-$968.00 MSRP