The Perfect Sccy CPX-2 Holsters

For Concealed Carry

Sccy CPX-2 Holsters

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The Sccy CPX and CPX-2 are the only two models made by the manufacturer Sccy. Although, the CPX-3 should be available soon.

First Impressions

The CPX and CPX-2 are double-action, double stacked, 9mm semi-automatic pistols. Sccy has seen great success with the CPX.

The CPX and CPX-2 are practically identical with one exception. The CPX has an external manual safety, where the CPX-2 does not, at consumer’s request.

These guns are 5.7”in length, 4” tall, and only an inch wide.

They have 3-dot steel sights (a very strong feature for the price).


Being that the firearm is so compact and great for concealment, it astounds me that such a small gun can be a double-stack.

The gun comes with two 10 round magazines, one flush, one with an extended grip.

The grip has a texture that allows you to maintain control, whilst waiting for the DAO trigger to reset.


Both models have a long DAO trigger. The break-over point is just over 8 pounds of pressure. Not the best for rapid-fire, but accurate enough for personal-defense purposes.

Sccy only has 2 models on the market, and for now that is all they need.

The CPX and CPX-2 are comfortable, reliable, and highly concealable. Good Sccy CPX-2 Holsters will make this gun a concealed carry dream come true.

Caliber: 9mm
Capacity: 10+1
Weight: 15 oz
Barrel Length: 3.1”
Cost: $230