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Ruger SR9

When it comes to reliability and control in a 9mm chambered pistol, look no further than the Ruger SR9. Its size, shape, and features make it both comfortable and absolutely controllable. Made in the U.S.A., like our Ruger SR9 IWB holsters, these pistols come with a uniquely ergonomic grip, a high performance grip frame, an integral accessory rail, and Ruger’s patented loaded chamber indicator. Read our review, then check out our Ruger SR9 concealed carry holsters.


The SR9 features a unique reversible backstrap design in either flat or arched that allows shooters to customize their grip without needing special tools. This change is quick and allows for a customized size and feel of the grip—either provide excellent feel and the texture allows for that added security in a grip. The frame is what Ruger refers to as a “high performance, glass-filled nylon.”

This pistol also comes with an integrated accessory rail for mounting your favorite tactical light, laser, or other accessories. It has dovetailed, high-visibility three-dot sights with a “raked-forward” front sight for a smooth unholstering of the weapon without snagging. It won’t be difficult to find a great holster for the Ruger SR9. Additionally, the rear sight is completely adjustable.

When it comes to safety, the SR9 features a manual safety within easy-thumb reach. It also features a d-shaped magazine release lever which is easy to actuate and manipulate with either the left or the right hand. Both are optimized for either right-handed or left-handed shooting as well.

Ruger’s patented loaded chamber indicator provides additional security by confirming either a loaded or empty chamber. For the chamber checkers out there, the SR9 also sports attractive slide serrations which can be manipulated easily in the cases where you want to “make sure.” Cosmetically, this pistol has a durable black matte finish to prevent corrosion, and a stainless steel slide. In the box it comes with two 17-round capacity flush fit magazines. Browse our Kydex Ruger SR9 holsters above.

Caliber: 9mm
Barrel: 4.14”
Overall: 7.5”
Height: 26.5 oz. empty
Capacity: 17+1
Cost: $569.00 MSRP