The Perfect Ruger LCR Holsters

For Concealed Carry

Ruger LCR pocket gun

Ruger LCR Holsters


No-Print Wonder

The First Polymer Revolver

Ruger was the first brand of revolver to offer a polymer frame.The frame is a partial composite lower half, while the barrel, cylinder, and receiver are all aluminum.

The LCR is a compact five-shot .38 Special that weighs only 13 ounces, has a fully shrouded hammer and double-action-only trigger pull, a 1. 87” barrel, and is rated for +P ammunition.

There is also an LCRx option that has a hammer for Single Action. The LCRx also has the option of a 3” barrel.

The height of the Ruger LCR is 4.50”, with a width and length of 1.28” and 6.5”, respectively. Because of it’s small size, it can be carried in a pocket as easily as a holster. It has a small enough profile for either means of concealed carry. Good Ruger LCR holsters can easily hide the LCR whether it’s an IWB holster or a pocket holster.

Feels Good in Hand

The LCR has a comfortable grip that allows you to maintain your grip and manage the recoil easier when firing.

The internal components like the springs, firing pin, and trigger assembly are all housed in the grip frame and are well supported.

At the Range

The snub nose version (in just about any caliber it’s offered in) makes a mighty fine Concealed Carry companion.

Like any snub-nosed revolver, these guns can be difficult to shoot accurately at long distance (10-25 yards)

They were designed to be used at self-defense distances (3-7 yards).

The LCR demonstrates Ruger’s well known reliability.

This is a modern revolver built specifically for Concealed Carry and Ruger really made history with the Lightweight Carry Revolver (LCR).

Caliber: Multiple, for the Review it was a .38 Special using +P rounds.
Capacity: 5
Weight: 13oz
Barrel Length: 1.87”
Cost: $400