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What Makes the LC9 So Special?

The LC9 was one of the first single stack 9mm pistols to hit the market. Designed for discreet concealment in concealed carry holsters for Ruger LC9, the LC9 can be utilized as either a primary personal defense weapon, or a reliable backup weapon.

With a height of 4.5”, a length of 6”, and a width of just nine-tenths of an inch. This gun can be convenient for both pocket and holster carry in our Ruger LC9 Kydex holsters.

Ruger has released a newer version of the LC9 called the Ruger LC9s.

The LC9 and LC9s look very similar, but the LC9 and the LC9s are slightly different guns.

The two main differences between the LC9 and LC9s are:

  • The LC9 has an internal hammer, where the LC9s is striker-fired.
  • The LC9 has a loaded chamber indicator, the LC9s does not.

Great Appeal

The LC9 is about an inch longer and taller than the previous mentioned LCP, assisting the shooter by providing a full three- finger grip.

There are no sharp edges or corners.

Another huge benefit to the gun is the full sized front and rear dovetail replaceable 3-dot sights.

When you receive your weapon, it does only contain one magazine. If the eight rounds (seven plus one) isn’t enough for you, you may need to invest in a spare magazine or two.

Good Shooting Characteristics Come Standard

Due to it being a double-action only, semi-automatic firearm, the original LC9 does have an excruciatingly long trigger pull. Needless to say, the striker-fired LC9s trigger is a welcome improvement over the original version.

Once the trigger is pulled, recoil dictates how long it takes to pull the trigger again (accurately at least). The LC9 does have a manageable recoil considering its miniscule size.

There is a manual safety mounted beneath the slide on the left side of the frame.

Because the LC9 was among the first Single Stack Nines available, Ruger had an early lead on improving the segment. The LC9s has been well received. Ruger has made an excellent Concealed Carry gun with the LC9 and challenged other gun manufactures to try their hand in this important & growing segment.

Don’t forget to shop for quality Ruger LC9 holsters for concealed carry.

Caliber: 9mm
Capacity: 7+1
Weight: 17 oz
Barrel Length: 3.1”
Cost: $375