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Kimber Micro Carry 9 Holsters

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Kimber Micro 9

Kimber’s Micro platform now has a 9mm version. This miniature 1911 comes with all the features of the Kimber Micro platform. They all have aluminum shaped frames and steel machined barrels. Out of all the Micros, the 9mm has all the stopping power without sacrificing concealability. See for yourself with our Kimber Micro Carry 9 concealed carry holsters.


The Micro 9 has thumb safety, slide release and magazine are purely the 1911. It also has a lowered and flared ejection port for perfect magazine ejection; it has a beveled magazine well for easy of loading. The Micro comes standard with steel, white dot sights “mounted in machined dovetails for additional integrity.” Most importantly, the Micro 9 features a single action trigger with a short 7lbs pull, made from solid aluminum.

It has the intuitive operation of a 1911, 1911 ergonomics, and an all-metal construction. The aluminum shaped frame is finished with a “non-reflective anodized” finish and a stainless-steel slide for added corrosion resistance over an aluminum receiver. The Micro 9 has a variety of grips, for those who wish to completely customize their pistol—from smooth, to tactical grit-texture; all to provide a personalize touch for every shooter. Differing from the 1911, the Micro 9 in that it does not have a grip safety.

This micro is wonderful for shooters with small hands or as a pocket pistol. It is roughly the size of a large smartphone, just over 6 inches long and about an inch wide. With a mild recoil and in 9mm, this pistol can have many applications—whether that’s home or concealed carry in our Kimber Micro 9 Kydex holsters. Every Kimber Micro Comes with an extended 7-round magazine, for those who need a bit longer grip, and Kimber has a variety of grips and frame color combinations.

Caliber: 9mm
Barrel: 3.15”
Overall: 6.1”
Weight: 15.6 oz. empty
Capacity: 7+1
Cost: $654.00