The Perfect Kimber 1911 4 Inch Holsters

For Concealed Carry

Kimber 1911 4 Inch Holsters

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Kimber 1911 4 inch No Rail

When it comes to variety, Kimber has it in 1911. To date, they currently have 22 different versions of the 4-inch 1911 without a rail, varying in features, cosmetic details, combinations of features, and et cetera. Kimber America refers to their 4-inch models as “Pro.”

For the majority of these perfectly concealable 1911s, they come in both 9mm and .45 ACP calibers, sacrificing nothing in stopping power. Their frames are all rounded for extra concealment and the 4-inch barrel allows for a small footprint in our Kimber 4-inch 1911 concealed carry holsters.

All of Kimber’s 4-inch 1911s are 5.25 inches in height, 1.28 inches in width, and weigh in at 28 ounces empty. This light weight makes any of Kimber’s 4-inch 1911s perfect for concealed carry in our Kimber Kydex holsters. Their frames are aluminum and are finished in a plethora of colors from green to tactical grey with a diverse selection of grips. The slides are made of stainless steel and come with two different types of sights: white, three-dot and fixed low-profile three-dot tritium.

Their aluminum triggers have a pull of approximately 4-5lbs and vary in cosmetic appearance. Each 4-inch 1911 comes with a full-length guide rod and a recoil spring at 22lbs. Their hammers are all skeletonized and each pistol comes with a beavertail grip safety. They also come with beveled magazine wells to increase reloading speed. Some of these 1911s have an ambidextrous thumb safety, where others are specific to either right or left handed.

No matter which you choose—the Stainless II series, the Crimson Carry II, the TLE II series—Kimber’s 1911 Pro 4-inch pistols are some of the best concealed carry pistols available. Try yours in our Kimber 1911 holsters.

Caliber: .45 ACP / 9mm
Barrel: 4”
Overall: 7.7”
Weight:  28 oz. empty
Capacity: 7 / 8 / 9
Cost: $1100.00 – $1596.00 MSRP