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This Little Thing is a 9mm?

Kahr designed the Polymer-Micro (PM) series for a singular purpose: concealed carry.

Looking at the PM9, compared to other single-stack 9mm pistols, it doesn’t seem feasible.

By its dimensions, (length of 5.4”, a width of 0.90”, and 4” tall) it looks like a .380. There is no denying that the PM9 is designed for Concealed Carry, and it does so very well in our Kahr PM9 concealed carry holsters.

This is What Kahr is Known For

The PM9 is as beautiful as she is comfortable. The traditional Kahr pistol grip with that time-honored stippling. The stainless steel finish and the polymer grip also make this a good piece of eye-candy at the range.

The PM9 by far is small enough to be in a pocket holster OR an inner waist-band holster.

Most Kahr fans either own the PM9 or wish they did.

Does it shoot well?

Shoot yeah! The PM9’s advantage is that in spite of being so small, it remains very shoot-able.

The trigger is the same conventional Kahr trigger that we have come to love and know. It is about 8lbs before the break-over.

Every aspect of the PM9 was clearly designed for Concealed Carry. The compact design exemplifies what a miniature 9mm handgun should be: concealable, manageable, and reliable.

Concealed Carry Holsters

Accessories aren’t extremely easy to find. However, they are available if you look for them. This gun has been fairly popular over the last few years. Therefore, finding Kahr PM9 Kydex holsters is not difficult (whether you’re looking for a good pocket holster or a good Inside the Waistband holster).

The PM9 works great for pocket carry because of its slim profile. You can’t argue with having a 9mm as a backup gun either (it sure beats a .380). However, it also disappears in a good IWB holster for the Kahr PM9. Make sure to only buy quality Kahr PM9 concealed carry holsters (i.e. Clinger Holsters).

Caliber: 9mm
Capacity: 6+1, Flush magazine/7+1, Extended Grip magazine
Weight: 16 oz
Barrel Length: 3”
Cost: $600

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