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Kahr P380

After two years in development Kahr Arms has introduces the P380, a polymer-framed, lightweight subcompact pistol chambered in .380 ACP. Featuring Kahr’s famous double-action-only (DAO) trigger and a match grade barrel this pistol, loaded with 7 rounds of ammunition, only weighs about 12 ounces. When it comes to pocket concealed carry, even Kahr Arms claims the Kahr P380 is their perfect compact, lightweight pistol for pocket carry. These practically disappear in our Kahr P380 holsters for concealed carry.


The P380 features a double action only trigger, locked breech, with a polymer frame and stainless steel slide. The grip has a secure texture with two finger grooves. The P380, has true sights fit to the slide (which is uncommon on a pocket pistol). The sights have a white bar-dot configuration and are drift-adjustable. Night sights are available as an option from the factory. The standard Kahr factory sights provide an excellent sight picture rarely seen on a gun this size.

Reviewers rave about the performance of this pistol at the range. Many reviewers were not turned off by the recoil which had been managed by Kahr’s double spring system that allows for easy manual manipulation of the slide.

The Kahr P380 is a true pocket pistol, weighing about 11 ounces empty, measuring less than five inches long and less than four inches high. The P380 uses a stainless steel slide and its edges are nicely rounded for concealed use. This combined with a width of just under an inch makes it perfect for a concealed carry pistol. In the perfect pocket holster, this pistol will completely disappear. (If you don’t have large enough pockets for pocket carry, this pistol would even be perfect for a light, bag carry option). Choose one of our Kahr P380 Kydex holsters above.

Caliber: .380
Barrel: 2.5”
Overall: 4.9”
Weight: 11.3 oz. empty
Capacity: 6+1
Cost: $396.00 MSRP

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