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Kahr CW9

Kahr has released one of its newest members of the CW series—the CW9, which is a 9mm pistol with a polymer frame. For those of you who want what you pay for, this is the pistol for you. Reviews say that this pistol is for those of you who would rather not splurge but get a reliable pistol for their money. We carry a variety of Kahr CW9 Kydex holsters that fit these handguns very well.


Although one review referred to this pistol as the “ugly sister of the [series],” this pistol has a black polymer frame with textured grips and a stainless-steel slide with a matte finish. The markings are stamped (rather than laser engraved, which may be why the reviewer thinks this pistol is unattractive). Regardless of looks this pistol is still as reliable and performs just like the rest of its series counterparts, and even conceals well in the right Kahr CW9 IWB holster.

The grips have a textured checkering for a secure hold that even with the light weight of this pistol, keeps the muzzle rise while shooting from exceeding acceptable snapping. The length of the grip for lager hands allows for three fingers and since this is a single-stack the width, at .9 inches, serves to be almost perfect for shooters with smaller hands.

The CW9 also comes with adjustable bar-dot rear sights and a pinned polymer front night sight. It has slide serrations which are perfect for the chamber checkers out there. The trigger, according to reviews, has more of a double action striker-fired trigger pull, then what is typical of the average striker-fired pistol. The pull itself is smooth all the way to its crisp, clean break. The reset is a bit long, still the same review, but lends itself to reducing the likelihood of an accidental discharge. Browse our Kahr CW9 holsters for concealed carry above.

Caliber: 9mm
Barrel: 3.6”
Overall: 5.9”
Weight: 17.7 oz. empty
Capacity: 7+1
Cost: $449.00 MSRP