The Perfect Kahr CT9 Holsters

For Concealed Carry

Kahr CT9 Holsters

V3 Stingray

V3 No Print Wonder

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Kahr CT9

Kahr is a gun manufacturer that is known for making value priced versions of their premium models. This does not by any means say that these value models are “cheap”.
The Kahr CT9 is the value model of Kahr’s TP9 pistol.

Is it a Good Size for Concealed Carry?

Short Answer: yes!
Standing tall at 5.08”, weighing in at 20 oz, 0.90” thin, and only about 6.5” in length. This is a tall slender weapon that graces a holster beautifully. Kahr CT9 concealed carry holsters are easy to find, but Clinger Holsters work best for Absolute Concealment.
It is a wonderful weapon for concealed carry purposes – it is by no means too big. The thin frame really hides well under your shirt.
It looks and feels just like the TP9, just a little lighter on the wallet. Both “The Stingray” and the “No-Print Wonder” Kahr Kydex holsters provide absolute concealment with NO indication that you have a full-sized 9mm pistol mounted inside your waistband.

Why is it “Value”?

It is more cost-effective than the TP9 because Kahr uses stainless steel for the CT9 instead of carbon steel, which is the material used for the TP9.
Kahr doesn’t put nearly as much effort in machining down the sharp edges on the CT9 as it does its premium line.
Plus there a few other differences that don’t really affect the gun as far as performance goes.

The Fine Points

It is extremely slim due to the single stack magazine design which we have come to expect from Kahr.
The CT9 is a highly reliable, simple to use, and extremely accurate weapon.
Kahr struck gold with this model, I have not had any issues with this firearm.
It is extremely simple to use. It has a light easy trigger, it is actually more reminiscent of a double-action revolver than a striker-fired semi-automatic.
You should hardly feel any recoil in this gun. The double recoil spring, also known as the “Browning” spring absorbs most of the recoil, however, it does make it a little harder to rack the slide.
The stiff spring helps you plant follow up shots easily.
It is not the most ergonomically sound handgun on the market, but that doesn’t hurt its accuracy.
It has a metal sight, instead of polymer- these sights will last the lifetime of the pistol.
I feel I should mention that there is no magazine disconnect safety, you can still fire with the gun being unloaded.
It is trim and that small grip makes it extremely comfortable for someone with smaller hands (like myself).
The Kahr CT9 is a very reliable and accurate firearm. It has lived up to to the Kahr name and equals the premium model in performance. Kahr CT9 concealed carry holsters aren’t hard to find but you’ll conceal best with a Clinger Holster.

Caliber: 9mm
Capacity: 8+1
Weight: 20 oz
Barrel Length: 4”
Cost: $350