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Kahr CT40

In 2015, Kahr Arms introduced the CT series of pistols chambered in 9 mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP. These are full-frame pistols with increased dimensions put them in (or near) the size range of a true service pistol. The .40 S&W-caliber Kahr Arms CT40 features a thin, single stack design that can either be carried like a duty pistol, or easily as a concealed carry weapon (even as deep concealment in a pocket).


The Kahr Arms CT40 is a locked-breech, striker-fired pistol. Pulling the trigger does all of the work in that it cocks and fires the gun; there is no energy “stored” by cycling the slide. A passive striker block prevents the pistol from firing should it be accidentally dropped. The CT40 does not have a magazine disconnect, which means it can be fired with the magazine removed.

This pistol’s rear sight is dovetail-mounted into the matte stainless steel slide and is drift-adjustable. The front sight is pinned and this combination is perfect for bright daylight to low-light conditions. They’re not true night sights, but reviewers enjoy the simplicity of the sight arrangement rather than the more complicated sight system on other defensive pistols.

There are rear serrations that are aggressive enough for easy, manual operation of the slide. The muzzle is slightly beveled on both sides, which will facilitate holstering—which is perfect for a concealed-carry pistol, particularly carried in an IWB holster. Also considering the dimensions—6.5 inches long, less than an inch wide, and 5.13 inches high—this pistol could pass as a decent pocket carry pistol, but would disappear on nearly any frame in the perfect IWB holster. Weighing in at 23.9 ounces, the Kahr CT40 makes for a comfortable all-day carry.

Caliber: .40 S&W
Barrel: 4”
Overall: 6.5”
Weight: 23.9 oz. empty
Capacity: 7+1
Cost: $449.00 MSRP