The Perfect Kahr CT380 Holsters

For Concealed Carry


Kahr CT380 Holsters

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Kahr CT380

Kahr has done it again! A “value” model that performs as good as the premium model (with a few less bells and whistles).

The Kahr CT380 is the budget-friendly version of the P380.

Great to Conceal!

Whether you prefer a pocket holster or an IWB holster. The CT380 is a great firearm for either occasion, and our Kahr CT380 concealed carry holsters are the perfect choice.

The most popular place to carry a concealed handgun is behind the hip. However, appendix carry is becoming more popular every year. Smaller guns like the CT380 are easier to appendix carry than larger guns (for most people).

There a lot of similarities between the CT9 and the CT380. In fact a CT380 will fit into a CT9 holster. The CT9 is too long to fit into Kahr CT380 Kydex holsters though.

The CT380 has a super-slim profile that makes absolute concealment simple and easy. The height of 4.47”, width of 0.75”, and an overall length of 5.42” make it very easy to conceal without being too small to shoot effectively.

A slightly aggressive texture on the grip will make a quick and confident draw easier in less-than-ideal conditions. It is small enough to be concealed regardless of what you are wearing.

CT380 vs P380

Kahr’s CT380 is a compact pistol with very less felt recoil than you would expect Follow up shots are not difficult.

Kahr reduces production cost with conventional rifling, instead of the polygonal barrel found on Premium models.

They have adapted the pinned front sights and fewer machining operations on the slide exterior, resulting in simple roll markings.

The CT380 has a black polymer frame and a matte stainless steel slide. Because the CT380 weighs in at just 13 ounces, you’ll barely notice this gun is on your belt (or in your pocket).

While the P380 comes with three magazines and is shipped in a lockable plastic case, the CT Value series comes with one 7 round stainless steel magazine and ships in a cardboard box.

How well does it shoot?

The grips are textured for a secure hold when drawing, and shooting. The CT380 stays firm in my grasp with every shot and the dual recoil spring absorbs most of the recoil.

The trigger has an initial long pull but its smoothness and clean break make up for that. The reset is felt clearly and eliminates most of the slack present in the initial trigger squeeze.

It is extremely reliable, simple, and effective for multiple occasions.

The Kahr CT380 is a formidable weapon for its size.

While it does suffer with a sometimes hard-to-rack slide (like many Kahr pistols) due to the dual recoil spring, the result is softer felt recoil.

The CT380 is highly recommended for anyone looking for a smaller caliber firearm to utilize for their concealed carry needs. Get yourself a couple of Kahr CT380 Kydex concealed carry holsters from Clinger and you’ll be ready to conceal in any situation.

Caliber: .380ACP
Capacity: 7+1
Weight: 13 oz
Barrel Length: 3”
Cost: $250