The Perfect HK USP Compact 9 Holsters

For Concealed Carry

HK USP Compact 9 Holsters

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HK USP Compact

The HK USP Compact has all the features of the USP line, but in a smaller, more concealable package—lacking nothing in stopping power, available in 9mm and .40 S&W cartridges. These compacts are smaller and lighter than the USP frames with a reduction in trigger reach and grip width to greatly increase the concealment potential.


The HK USP Compact utilizes a narrow, but full hand grip with an interchangeable extended or flush-fitting magazine floor plates. This differs from other compacts in that the modular grip allows for an easy, tailored shooting experience. The compact comes with two magazines (and are available in 10-round capacity as well.)

Like the full-size USP models, the compact is also designed to meet the demands of law enforcement and military shooters, too. The USP Compact utilizes a modified linkless Browning-type action, which is built to take the punishment of high-energy cartridges (i.e. +P loads). The reduced length of the slide made it possible for HK to replace the UPS Full-size’s mechanical recoil reduction system with a specifically designed flat compression spring (housed in the recoil spring assembly) beside a polymer absorber bushing. HK states: “Service life is still engineered to exceed 20,000 rounds.”

The compact has a corrosion proof fiber-reinforced polymer frame, grooved target triggers, with a choice of corrosion resistant “Hostile Environment” blued finish or stainless steel slide; the slides are one-piece machined nitro carburized steel. It comes with a “no snag” bobbed hammer and a flared recurve trigger guard. The compact also has universal mounting grooves for your favorite tactical accessories and has an ambidextrous magazine release lever.

The HK USP Compact is tailored just for concealed carry—with all the benefits of a full-size and none of the bulk.

Caliber: 9mm / .40 S&W
Barrel: 3.58”
Overall:  6.81”
Weight: 27.52 oz. empty
Capacity: 13+1 / 12+1
Cost: $999.00-$1199.00 MSRP