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Glock 33

The Glock 33 is a semi-automatic small-frame pistol chambered in .357 SIG and is a smaller version of the Glock 32. Much like its brethren, the Glock 33 has finger grooves molded into the front strap, comes with all the safety features and notable operation shooters have come to expect from the Austrian manufacturer. The notable difference between the G33 and both the G31 & G32 is its size, which is perfect for our Glock 33 concealed carry holsters.


The Glock 33 has standard Glock features such as a polymer grip that’s very lightweight making it 1.65 pounds loaded. On the front strap are finger grooves just like the G31 & G32 and the grip itself has a rough sandpaper-like texture; Glock refers to this as their Rough Textured Finish (RTF). The grip is smaller on the G33, with only two finger grooves. This pistol also comes with fixed sights and all the operation controls Glock fans have come to expect on every Glock pistol.

The double-action trigger on the Glock 33 comes with three safeties: a trigger safety, a drop safety, and a passive firing pin block—which is what Glock refers to as their Safe Action System. This means the only way a round can be fired is if the shooter pulls the trigger because its internal design won’t allow the firing pin to punch forward any other way. The trigger is also what Glock fans expect: with a pull averaging 5.5 pounds.

Reviewers love that Glock “managed to make the sub-compact model the same width as the larger frame models, and fit nine rounds into such a short grip.” Essentially, this means the Glock 33 lacks nothing in firepower, but in a small, compact, concealable package. See for yourself how well they fit in our Glock 33 Kydex holsters.

Caliber: .357 SIG
Barrel: 3.43”
Overall: 6.26”
Weight: 21.87 oz. empty
Capacity: 9+1
Cost: $580.00 MSRP