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Glock 32 Holsters

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Glock 32

Designed as the compact version of the Glock 31, the Glock 32 offers a unique combination of versatility, improved and optimized carry comfort, and all the world-renowned features of Glock. The Glock 32 is also chambered in .357 SIG, comes with an integrated picatinny rail and textured finger grooves along the front strap—just like the Glock 31.


The Glock 32 comes with all the safety features we have come to expect from any Glock pistol: a trigger safety, a drop safety, and a passive firing pin block—which is what Glock refers to as their Safe Action System. It also comes with an extractor that pulls double-duty as the chamber loaded indicator; both tactile and visual.  Like most Glocks, this pistol has an average trigger pull of 5lbs with an audible reset.

When it comes to the physical dimensions of the Glock 32, it is optimal for concealed carry. Overall this compact is 7.36 inches long, 1.26 inches wide, and including the magazine, a little over 5 inches in height. The grip is not long enough to protrude away from the back to create an obnoxious print while concealed carrying but is the right length for a secure hold.

The barrel is long enough to handle the .357 cartridge without creating a “too-long” situation on the draw from the holster. The Glock 32 weighs in with a full magazine at 30.34 ounces (this is under two pounds). These dimensions combined with the weigh create an optimal concealed carry pistol. In the perfect IWB holster, this pistol will completely disappear on nearly any frame. This balance in the Glock 32 also makes it big enough to handle the .357 cartridge in the perfect, concealable size.

Caliber: .357 SIG
Barrel: 4.02”
Overall: 7.36”
Weight: 21.87 oz. empty
Capacity: 14+1
Cost: $499.00 MSRP