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Now on its fourth generation, the Glock 31 is known for a high muzzle velocity, ideal for long shooting distances. Glock claims that the G31 is the “optimum solution for those looking for these attributes in a reliable, yet lightweight, pistol with a large magazine capacity.” On the outside, the Glock 31 has identical dimensions to the Glock 17 Gen 4 9mm. Reviewers rave that the long sight radius is one of the features that makes the G31 “easy to shoot well.”


The Glock 31 features an enlarged magazine release button in its usual position that shooters have come to expect from Glock pistols. This enlarged button seems minor, except in the usability of the G31. Dropping the magazine has increased ease and Glock has made this button also reversable. This .357 pistol also comes with interchangeable backstraps in three different sizes. This modularity allows the owner to custom tailor the grip to their specific hand size—whether small or large.

As previously stated, the dimensions of the Glock 31 are identical to the Glock 17. Overall the Glock 31 barely over eight inches long, 1.25 inches wide, and including the magazine, 5.47 inches in height. The length doesn’t lend itself to being ideal for pocket carry, however this pistol can disappear on nearly any frame in the perfect IWB holster. Weighing in with a full magazine the Glock 31 is only 33.16 ounces. This makes for a comfortable, all day carry (especially wearing a belt).

Two final features that stand out about the Glock 31 is: first, the new, improved grip texture which has impressed several reviewers; and finally the recoil spring assembly which is now a two-part spring which Glock claims to offer a longer life cycle and reduced felt recoil.

Caliber: .357 SIG
Barrel: 4.49”
Overall: 8.03”
Weight: 23.28 oz. empty
Capacity: 15+1
Cost: $499.00 MSRP