The Perfect Glock 30 Holsters

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Glock 30 Holsters

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It’s Magic

The Glock 30 is an enigma wrapped in a mystery. The rule to pistols is that you can have a big gun with an abundance of rounds or you can have a small gun with a small number of rounds.

However, Glock uses magic or some other unseen force to somehow cram 10 rounds of 45acp rounds into a subcompact pistol. The most commonly quoted theory is there’s some sort of spell that opens the bottom of the magazine into another portal or dimension where the extra bullets reside.

It’s not our place to decipher such sorcery though. This quick description of the Glock 30 is only meant to describe the Glock 30 in ways that us mere mortals can understand.

Sometimes, Boring is Good

The first reason someone would choose a Glock 30 for Concealed Carry is the same reason so many other Glock models sell in such high volumes…. it’s a Glock.

Buying a Glock is like buying a Toyota Camry. You’re pretty darn sure it’s going to be extremely reliable. And even though it’s not as flashy as some other models, it performs it’s intended purpose better than most. It puts function over form. Buying a Glock is the safe bet. Nobody can argue that your choice is unwise or unproven.

So now that it’s established that your Glock is the safe bet, what else does the Glock 30 have going for it. In short, everything.

It’s small enough for comfortable Concealed Carry in our Glock 30 concealed carry holsters. Yet, it’s not too small to take the range for an extended shooting session.

It has the unequaled stopping power of the 45acp. Yet it has the fire power you would expect from a much bigger pistol.

Stopping Power & Fire Power?

Speaking of firepower, the magazine from the Glock 21 fits the Glock 30. That ups the firepower to 13. Now that’s impressive. A 13 round mag full of 45 ammo would work great in a mag carrier for Concealed Carry.

It’s fairly accurate. Plus, it’s recoil is tamer than you would expect from a smaller 45. Follow up shots are not tough to get on target fast.

There are a couple different versions of the Glock 30 as well: the Glock 30SF & Glock 30S.

The Glock 30SF has a shorter trigger reach which may work better for some shooters with smaller hands.

The Glock 30S has a slim slide (borrowed from the Glock 36). It can be argued, therefore that the Glock 30S would be better for Concealed Carry because of its reduced dimensions and weight.

It’s no wonder so many police officers have the Glock 30 on them for backup or off duty use. There are even many police officers who claim the Glock 30 for their primary weapon. With 10-13 rounds of 45acp, who can blame them?

Glock 30 Holsters

Because it’s a Glock, Glock 30 Kydex holsters are readily available. All the other accessories you desire are available too. Aftermarket triggers and sights are easy to find.

Caliber: 45ACP
Capacity: 10-13
Weight: 26 oz
Barrel Length: 3.77”
Cost: $550