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Glock 21 Gen 4

Among the other excellent pistols made by Glock, their Glock 21 Gen 4 comes with all the good of its previous generations, and even more. Among Glocks other Police favorites is the G21 Gen4; law enforcement still swears by it. This pistol is high capacity, accurate, and what some consider indestructible. Not to mention, they also look great in our Glock 21 concealed carry holsters.

The only “issue” (which really isn’t that much of a problem) is that has a large grip. Shooters with smaller hands might have issues with adequate control of the G21. However, with the Gen 4, Glock made some improvements making the G21 accessible to more shooters.


New texture finish on the grip, which is less abrasive than the previous generations, but still gives a great, solid grip. Reviews rave about how well the G21 Gen4 holds feels in the hand. The frame is also cut high into the trigger guard which allows for and even more solid grip.

Next, is the magazine catch. It’s not easily reversible, but it’s more intuitive. The catch is easily accessible without moving or changing your grip. Glock refined the design for the catch as well—it remains flush with the grip which eliminated accidental release issues. They also left off the back strap. This provides a shorter trigger reach (which is one of the shortest on similar frame sizes).

Last in improvements, Glock added dual recoil spring assembly. This tames how the recoil feels during firing and adds life to the springs.

Additional Features

The sights are the predecessor’s white, U-notch rear sight and simple white-dot front. Glock also molded a rail into the frame to accept tactical lights. Three magazines are included and two additional backstraps. It’s easy to find Glock 21 Kydex holsters, such as the ones above. Browse our Glock 21 concealment holsters today!

Caliber: .45 auto
Barrel: 4.6”
Overall: 8.03”
Weight: 29.3 oz. empty
Capacity: 13; 10
Cost: $599