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Introducing one of the newest members of the FNX series, the FNX9. This pistol features a polymer frame with a low-bore axis for less felt recoil and improved control. Like its predecessors, this pistol was built for comfortable concealed carry without lacking anything in stopping power. Chambered in 9mm, the FNX9 is ergonomic, reliable, and features ambidextrous controls to make this pistol perfect for competition or personal defense in one of our FNX 9 holsters for concealed carry.


The FNX9 features a low-bore axis for less felt recoil paired with checkered and ribbed grip panels for a secure grip. It also has two interchangeable backstraps inserts to quickly tailor the FNX9 to your hand. On the bottom of the grip there is also a lanyard eyelet. It also features slide cocking serrations both at the front and rear for easy manipulation with either wet or gloved hands. The barrel is made of cold hammer-forged steel to deliver pinpoint accuracy.

The sights are fixed 3-dot, but night sights are available upon request. The slide is of stainless steel construction with an external extractor including a loaded chamber indicator. It is finished in matte black or FDE finish. The frame of is polymer construction with replaceable steel rails.

The trigger is both single and double action; the single being 3.96-5.06lbs and the double being 8.8-12.1lbs. This pistol also features a serrated trigger guard. In the box, this pistol ships with two 17-round capacity magazines chambered in 9mm and also ships with a locking device.

No matter how you choose to carry the FNX9, it is sure to ride all day in the perfect FNX 9 IWB holster, or even a secure pocket holster. Browse our FNX 9 Kydex holsters above.

Caliber: 9mm
Barrel: 4”
Overall: 7.4”
Weight: 21.9 oz. empty
Capacity: 17+1
Cost: $699.00 MSRP

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