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FNH 509

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FNH FN 509

According to FN America, the FN 509 was built upon the tested and proven “architecture” of the FNS Compact. Changes were made internally and externally to meet MHS performance standards and requirements—which were further developed by industry experts. During its development, the FN 509 was tested extensively for reliability and durability, with mother than one million rounds put through it. Read our review, then browse Kydex FN 509 concealed carry holsters above.


This striker fired pistol features a double-action trigger system, standard fixed 3-dot luminescent sights, a loaded chamber indicator, and improved forward and rear cocking serrations. The FN 509 comes with a MIL-STD-1913 accessory rail to mount your favorite tactical lights, lasers, and accessories. Both the slide stop lever and the magazine release of the FN 509 are fully ambidextrous as well.

The FN 509’s double action trigger weighs in from 5.5lbs to 7.5lbs. In the box, the FN 509 ships with two 17-round capacity magazines and two interchangeable backstraps. The grip of this pistol has stippling along the front and back straps and similar grit on the palm wells. The backstraps, in particular, are interchangeable for a customized ergonomic grip to fix almost any size hands. The combination of an ergonomic grip and the enhanced grip textures allows for faster follow-up shots with secure control—all of which allow for overall better handling.

When it comes to concealed carry, this pistol has all the makings of a great CCW. The dimensions of the FN 509 lends itself to a not-quite full-size pistol chambered in 9mm to lack nothing in stopping power. It weighs just about a pound and a half and the 5.56 inch height, 7.4 inch length, combined with a 1.35 inch width make the FN 509 slightly larger than the average smart phone. All this combines to make a reliable, comfortable, all-day concealed carry pistol, which fits perfectly in our 9mm pistol holsters.

Caliber: 9mm
Barrel: 4.0”
Overall: 7.4”
Weight: 26.9 oz. empty
Capacity: 17+1
Cost: $649.00 MSRP