The Perfect EAA SAR K2P Holsters

For Concealed Carry

EAA SAR K2P Holsters

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CZ Clone

The EAA SAR K2P is a CZ clone with a polymer frame. A good place to start describing the K2P is the overwhelming value it provides for the price. It’s really quite impressive. This fine shooter can be had for about $300. That’s cheap for an average gun. It’s an insane price for a great gun.

The K2P is made in Turkey. Most of us don’t remember the last time we bought a Turkish product. They’re probably not known for their exports. However, as odd as it seems, they’ve exported a quality firearm to the U.S.

The K2P definitely feels like a quality handgun when you pick it up. Much higher than its price tag suggests. It also comes with an accessory rail to install lights and lasers. It has a very decent capacity. The mag holds 16 rounds. Speaking of mags, you can put CZ Mec-Gar mags with 17 round capacity in the SAR K2P.

Full Grip & Low Bore Axis

You’ll love the full size grip that lets you maintain a full firing grip. It really handles itself well. Now if you throw in the low bore axis, you’ll see why reviewers like the K2P so much. It’s fun to shoot & comes back on target fast. It is a CZ clone after all.

If you’re inclined to use this pistol as a target gun, then you’ll love the adjustable rear sight to really get your shots dialed in tight.

The SAR K2P isn’t a perfect handgun. The safety is stiff and difficult to flick in a hurry. In addition, the trigger isn’t the greatest. However, it’s not bad. Especially when you get to Single Action mode.

Outstanding Overall Value

It’s proven to be very reliable. It works great for Concealed Carry or as a plinker at the shooting range. Overall this is an outstanding value & a fun shooter.

Caliber: 9mm
Capacity: 16+1
Weight: 30 oz
Barrel Length: 3.8”
Cost: $300