The Perfect EAA SAR B6P 3.8 Inch Holsters

For Concealed Carry

EAA SAR B6P 3.8 Inch Holsters

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From Turkey with Love

The EAA SAR B6P is a Turkish made clone of the CZ 75. You’ll notice immediately however that it sports a lightweight polymer frame rather than the standard metal frame you’re used to seeing on your CZ. That shaves quite a few ounces off which is quite effective for Concealed Carry in one of our EAA SAR B6P 3.8″ concealed carry holsters.

The SAR B6P not only looks good, it feels good too. That’s a very important aspect to nail for a gun to be considered for Self Defense. If a gun doesn’t fit your hand very well, you probably won’t shoot it terribly well. The B6P is well balanced and has good ergonomics. And the frame has a nice texture for a good grip. Also, it has a good grip angle which points naturally. You’ll also enjoy the large beavertail that prevents hammer bite.

Good Follow up

So how does it shoot on the range? Pretty darn well. It’s proven to be quite reliable and accurate. The B6P is very controllable during rapid fire. You see, follow up shots are fast and dead-on thanks to the low bore axis and Single Action mode.

Conceal Carry This Thing

The B6P isn’t just fun on the range. It’s also a great Concealed Carry gun. First of all, it has good 3 dot sights. Second, it has a large trigger guard. That comes in handy if you ever find yourself wearing gloves. Next consider that while it’s a good size for easy shooting, it isn’t too big to carry all day. For fans of carrying cocked-and-locked, you’ll feel right at home carrying the SAR B6P in a Kydex pistol holster. Not everyone’s a fan of that style of carry. Especially on a DA/SA gun. It’s nice to have the option though. The biggest negative to carrying the B6P is that it’s somewhat difficult to rack the slide due to the slide’s low profile. That low bore axis sure helps with shooting it though.

Caliber: 9mm
Capacity: 13+1
Weight: 26 oz
Barrel Length: 3.8”
Cost: $275