The Perfect CZ P01 Holsters

For Concealed Carry

CZ P01 Holsters

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CZ 75 Roots

The CZ P01 is based on the great CZ75 Compact. It does however weigh in at just 28 ounces. That’s 4 ounces lighter than the CZ75 Compact which makes carrying the pistol all day a little easier. The CZ P01 also comes with a rail which is absent on the CZ75 Compact.

Another difference worth mentioning is the replacement of the safety for a de-cocker. Most people feel that the first long, heavy Double Action trigger pull negates the need for a manual safety.

Sweet Ergonomics

One of the biggest draws to the CZ P01 is the way the gun fits your hand. CZ focused on ergonomics before ergonomics were cool! Do you remember the rectangle Nintendo controllers from the 1980s? Heck, do you remember the rectangle shaped everything from the 1980s? If the bottle water fad would have started in the 1980’s, the bottles would have been rectangles.

Well CZ was doing ergonomics in the 1970’s. And they did ergonomics well. Fast forward to the P01 and the same sweet ergonomics are still there. It feels amazing in your hand and feels good to shoot. Even the beavertail on it seems to cradle your hand and soften the recoil.

Soft Shooting Fun

Speaking of soft recoil, the low bore axis and decent weight on this pistol really keeps the recoil in check. Follow up shots are a breeze. Especially considering the follow up shots are taken in a short Single Action trigger pull.

While the CZ P01 doesn’t have the best DA/SA trigger out there, it’s fairly decent. And once you’re in Single Action mode, you’ll remember why you like shooting the CZ P01 so much more than your Glock.

You can’t mention the CZ P01 though without talking about how reliable it is. It is NATO approved after all. It has been tested to the point that your confidence in it is highly justified. CZ P01 holsters are easy to find as well. This is a great gun for Concealed Carry!

Caliber: 9mm
Capacity: 14+1
Weight: 28 oz
Barrel Length: 3.8”
Cost: $650