The Perfect CZ PCR Holsters

For Concealed Carry

CZ PCR Holsters

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Great for Concealed Carry

CZ has produced many versions of the CZ-75. The CZ PCR is perhaps the most popular version for Concealed Carry. While it looks like a slightly smaller version of the CZ-75, it weighs quite a bit less. About 8 ounces less. That’s makes Concealed Carry much easier.

Another feature that Concealed Carriers love is the lack of a manual safety. Instead, CZ has installed a de-cocker in its place.

Reloads are fast and easy with the beveled magwell as well.

While the CZ PCR doesn’t field strip quite as easily as some pistols, it isn’t terribly difficult either. It’s easy to get spoiled to the nice take down levers that have popped up on most newer pistols though. Some people have to use a plastic hammer to get the pin out of their PCR in order to field strip it.

If You Hold It, You Will Believe

The ergonomics are absolutely epic of course (it is based on the CZ 75 after all). The PCR is referred to by many as the perfect example of how to make a gun fit a hand. CZ knows how to make a gun fit your hand like it belongs there. The black rubber grips add to the overall feeling of ergonomic perfection.

The steel frame gives this pistol a great balance. Overall, the fit & finish are excellent. The black Polycoat is a very nice finish as well.

How does it shoot? Incredibly well. It’s accurate and reliable. Exactly what you need in a Concealed Carry gun. The original CZ 75 was in production in 1975 and since then, they’ve made a million of them. It’s safe to say that it’s reliable. The same can be said of the PCR which is very closely based on the original. Accuracy is also very good on the CZ PCR. Small groups are not a problem. It has a DA/SA setup which makes for accurate follow up shots too.

While most say that it’s hard to rack the slide due to how short it is, it gets easier with practice. Besides, that low bore axis helps to keep recoil in check. Because the controls are a little different than the CZ75 Compact, you’ll have to shop specifically for CZ PCR Holsters to conceal carry this rig.

Caliber: 9mm
Capacity: 14+1
Weight: 27 oz
Barrel Length: 3.8”
Cost: $550