The Perfect Canik TP9V2 Holsters

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Canik TP9V2 Holsters

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Canik TP9V2

Not necessarily new to their line-up, the Canik TP9V2 aims to please—regardless of if you’ve always been a fan and missed this model or are just now interested in Century Arms Canik pistols. This pistol can function either in single action, or double action depending on your preference and is perfect for home defense, or concealed carry.


The TP9V2 features a full-size grip, at about 1.3 inches in width, with aggressive grip texturing on the front and back straps for a secure hold. This makes for shooting the 9mm cartridge extremely controllable. The rest of the pistol is coated in a Cerakote finish to prevent corrosion.

It also comes with a built-in accessory rail to mount your favorite tactical accessories—making for a tailored experience. The majority of lasers and tactical lights are compatible with the Picatinny rail below the slide. The TP9V2 comes with a single action trigger pull of approximately 6lbs.

The double action is what reviewers say is “long and heavy,” as it should be,  which also as reviewer say “is on par with revolver triggers,” for the revolver fans looking for a secondary pistol. The double action is only on the first shot, the other 18 (with a 18+1 cartridge capacity) shots are single action. The single action has a short trigger travel and a positive, audible reset.


Coming in at an overall length of 7.17 inches and a height of 5.7 inches, the TP9V2 makes for a formidable and dependable self-defense firearm. The double stack magazine well doesn’t hinder concealed carry either—and not to mention having 18 rounds to work with is a nice convince in this pistol as well. Unloaded, the TP9V2 is 27.84 ounces, which is just over a pound and a half. Regardless, this pistol is reliable, durable, and has a large capacity in 9mm.

Caliber: 9mm
Barrel: 4.10”
Overall: 7.17”
Weight: 27.84 oz. empty
Capacity: 18+1
Cost: $350.00 MSRP