The Perfect Beretta Cheetah 84/85 Holsters

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Beretta Cheetah 84/85 Holsters

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Beretta Cheetah 84/85

The legendary manufacturer continues to please shooters with a variety of pistols with the features and reliability they have come to expect of Beretta. With Beretta’s Serie-80 Cheetah series, they continue to deliver. These pistols are specifically designed with concealed carry and personal defense in mind, so they carry very well in our Kydex Beretta 84/85 Cheetah concealed carry holsters.

The Cheetah 84/85 pistols are Beretta’s .380 Auto options. The only differences between the 84 and 85 is: the 84 is a 13-round staggered magazine pistol with a frame-mounted manual safety and decocking lever. The 85 is a “straight-line, 8-round magazine” pistol designed specifically to be slim and streamlined.


These single action / double action pistols are not quite sub-compacts, but they are specifically designed for concealment even when it comes to their weight. The frame is made of aluminum alloy which is both durable and strong, but light—approximately 65% less weight than the M9. The 84 weighs in at 23.3 ounces, whereas the 85 is a mere 21.9 ounces. These pistols feature an open slide design that increase reliability and also decrease their weight.

They both come standard with an automatic firing pin block (in FS models) which prevent the gun from firing from an accidental drop or strike. These pistols have a combat-style trigger guard which provides support for a two-handed hold and offers an enlarged opening for a glove-clad finger.

When it comes to dimensions and concealability, both the 84 and 85 have a streamlined design. Both the 84 and the 85 are 4.8 inches high, 6.1 inches long, and 1.4 inches wide—even with a double-stack magazine, the Cheetah 84 disappears in the perfect IWB Beretta Cheetah holster.

Caliber: .380 Auto
Barrel: 3.8”
Overall: 6.1”
Weight: 23.3 oz. / 21.9 oz. empty
Capacity: 13+1 / 8+1 (Cheetah 85)
Cost: $699.00 MSRP