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Adopted in Controversy

When the US Military adopted the Beretta 92 in 1985, it was not welcomed with open arms. It was among the most controversial weapon the military every adopted in fact.

So what was the problem with it? Wasn’t it better than the 1911? Well not according to most of the troops. They preferred their tried-and-true .45.

Is It Better?

The military adopted the Beretta 92FS (M9) for a reason: it was better in most areas. Yes, the .45 had more stopping power than the 9mm when using NATO approved FMJ. However, the firepower was significantly greater.

You got to carry 15 round mags rather than 7 rounds. If you’re carrying a mag in the pistol and 2 spares, you’re looking at 21 rounds vs 45.

The Beretta was also considered controversial because of how big it was. While true, extra ammo made up for the cost in size.

Here’s another tactical advantage for the Beretta 92F over a 1911. It can be carried safely with the safety off. With the Beretta 92F, you can chamber a round, flick the safety off and holster it. When you need it in a hurry, simply un-holster it and start pulling the trigger.

It’s able to be carried safely with a round in the chamber with the safety off because the first trigger pull is Double Action. It takes 10-15 lbs of pressure (according to Beretta) to pull the first trigger pull in DA mode. That’s pretty safe to carry with the safety off.

Not for Small Hands

One of the other main gripes from the troops is that some of them have small hands. The Beretta is much friendlier to folks with large hands. The military solved this problem with the introduction of the Sig P320 this year. There’s no getting around this problem other than ordering custom grip panels that are thinner. Still, if you can handle the size of the Beretta 92F, it’s an amazing shooter. It even works for Concealed Carry holster as long as you have an exceptional Beretta 92fs holster

Now that we examined why the troops griped about the Beretta M9 in the 1980’s, let’s examine why it’s still one of the best pistols on the market today.

Low Recoil

It’s size and weight alone command physics to tame its shots. Big guns recoil less and this is a big gun.

Great Single Action Trigger

The Single Action trigger is very easy to use effectively. It’s very light and crisp at about 5 lbs. Plus, it has a short travel. This most definitely helps keep the gun on target while pressing the trigger.

Because the first trigger pull is Double Action, some training is necessary to master the transition from Double Action to Single Action. It’s easy to do with practice. The upside is that the Double Action trigger pull makes the gun safe enough to handle that the manual safety lever isn’t really necessary. This same logic is why there aren’t Double Action safeties on revolvers.

Decent Firepower

15 +1 Rounds is nothing to sneeze at. Sure, a Glock 17 holds 2 more rounds. However, 15 + 1 is still pretty good.

Extremely Reliable

The open top slide of the Beretta 92F aids in reliability greatly. There is simply more room for the spent brass to clear the gun. Another reason for the great reliability is the extremely smooth cycling the 92 possesses. It’s unreal how easy it is to rack the slide on the Beretta 92F.

It’s obvious that this aids in reliability when the slide is sliding back and forth on the frame when the gun is being discharged.

Accessories Are Abundant

The Beretta 92F has been on the market for decades. Accessories are widely available for it. You can easily find Kydex Beretta 92F holsters, sights, lasers, grips etc.

If you’re looking for the best Beretta 92F holsters, look no further. Clinger Holsters has you covered with a wide variety of holsters for the Beretta 92F.

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