I want to start with a short story:

Before my step-father passed away, there were literally dozens of firearms around the house. In the desk drawers, the gun safes, in bookcases, under both beds in different rooms, beside table drawers; long arms in almost every corner of every room—you get the point. GUNS EVERYWHERE! (I’m sure you have someone you know like that.) Now, I realize this was not the safest place to keep any of the firearms—with exception of the gun safe, and perhaps the bedside table drawers.

But here’s where I’m going. Many times, my step-father would take his house shoes off and approach his bed and out of those many, about a sixth of them, I heard yelling and sometimes a thud. “What’s wrong?” I would ask. Apparently, he had accidentally stubbed his toes on the shotgun I lovingly named “barely legal” he kept under the bed—you know in case of zombies (for the record, the barrel length was barely, hence the name, over the 18in. minimum). His reasoning for keeping it there, and I don’t remember if it was loaded or not now that I think about it, was because the sound of pumping the action was (his words) “enough to scare [them] away.” In other words, deterrence.

As I said, I realize this was not proper gun safety. When my nephew was born, the number of “loose” firearms around the house greatly lessened and were moved to more secure locations.

So, the question becomes: Where do you keep your gun at home? As a concealed carry holder, it’s just as important to keep your weapon close by at home just as it is when you go out. Maybe even more important—because, let’s face it, you spend most of your time with your family at home. Now if you have kids, it’s best to keep your weapon in a safe. There are even furniture companies making furniture, like headboards, coffee tables, side tables, &etc. that have compartments for both pistols and long guns. If you don’t have kids, you should still keep your firearms from unnecessary access—keeping you and your family or guests safe.

When it comes to our long weapons, keep them in a safe in an interior room of your house. Remember, the primary use of your pistol is to get you to your long gun. Keeping your long gun safe in an interior room is to keep thieves, if they break in while you’re not home, from wrapping a chain around your safe and pulling it through a window (or even through the wall) with a truck.

Regardless, you’re going to keep your weapon where you want. Remember to practice gun safety though. Stay safe. Stay armed.


What’s your favorite gun safe and why?

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