Throughout my life, I have been concerned—in one way or another—about how something looks. When I got my concealed carry license, like many new holders, was concerned about patterning or “printing.” A question of: “is my gun showing through my clothes.” In response to these times, when I was concerned how something (in this case my gun printing) my mother always said to me: “No one will notice on a galloping horse.”

I have written many times, that I fully advocate and value concealed carry. We all should invest in clothing and gear that enables us to carry our firearms concealed. There are many instances when many of us might not want certain members of our social circle to know that we are carrying a gun. But listen—no one notices.

My mother’s saying holds true; people do not notice. I was one of those people who, when I first started carrying, thought everyone knew I was carrying a gun. This stems from “discovery anxiety.” What will I do if someone finds out I have a gun? If you are following the concealed carry laws of your state, and someone discovers you have a gun, two things can happen. If you’re on private property, they can ask you to leave or call the police (which you have no obligation to wait for the police to arrive, according to the law). Otherwise, like I said, if you’re following your state’s law—fret not my friend. This is why I continuously remind myself and others to keep themselves informed of the laws of their state.

Last year, the Victory Gun Blog published an article: “Printing, no one cares.” They did an “informal experiment” where they discovered that it wasn’t until after they put on their competitive shooting rigs and firearms, that anyone noticed they had a weapon. As they state in their article, there’s no way that they would wear this set-up for concealed carry. But the experiment was interesting and humorous. Many of the people at the mall, where they conducted the experiment, weren’t aware of their environment—they were on their phones, or glued to looking at things around the different stores. Out of the people who finally noticed the competition rig, likely knew what they were looking at and it was intentionally exaggerated to get their reaction.

Don’t stress over every bump and corner of your weapon. The last time I asked another concealed carry holder if I was printing they told me, “unless they know what they’re looking at, you’re fine.” So carry your full size if you want. Carry your micro. The whole point is to be concealed, yes? To be armed, yes? Well, my friends, no one is going to notice on a galloping horse.


On a scale of 1 to 10, (1, no care at all. 10, soul-griping anxiety), how concerned are you with printing while concealed carrying?

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