There are many opinions out there on the best firearm for home defense.
Several people have asked me. I, in turn, have asked many people as well. But the majority of people agree on one thing: the purpose of your pistol is to get to your long gun.

We all have (at least) one pistol that we keep in our nightstands (or if you have kids, in a more secure place); or where we can easily get to it quickly if something goes bump in the night. But honestly, keeping your shot gun or rifle right beside the bed or under the bed is not good gun safety. I imagine that many of you keep your rifles and shotguns in a gun safe, in an interior room of your home, but not necessarily in your bedroom.

So, let’s say you hear a strange noise. You grab your pistol, and get yourself to your safe. You open it, but what do you pull out? Some of you might have a variety, from a .22 rifle to a 12 gauge pump action shotgun. (Now, as a personal note there is nothing more terrifying than the sound of someone racking a pump action.) If I heard a noise in my house, I would reach for the shotgun.

Why? Well, let’s talk some basic ballistics.

The difference between being shot by a .45 (which moves slow, and is less likely to push through walls after it goes through an assailant) and a 9mm is basically, the size of the hole and the speed of the projectile. But, I said that I would reach for the shotgun. Here’s why: because double-ought buckshot is the same as shooting a 9mm nine times all at once. If you’re worried about blowing through walls because you have kids, load your shotgun with number 4, 5 or 6 bird shot.

Another reason to use a shotgun for this instance is because if there is a bad guy in my house, I’m probably not going to be shooting farther than 100 yards. Buck shot is good for between 30 and 50 yards, and birdshot is good for 10 yards or so (which is room distance).

But what if you only have pistols—no long guns? Well, the best piece of advice I can give is to use the gun you train the most with. Since its summer, I am carrying a different pistol than I do in the winter. My home defense weapon is also my concealed carry pistol as well.

What do you use for home defense?

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