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Glock G45 Is Good To Go In A Good Glock G45 Holster

Clinger has the perfect Glock G45 holsters for the Glock G45.

This “crossover” glock is definitely concealable with the right gear. 

The full-sized grip will hold 17 rounds of 9mm ammo while giving you plenty of real estate to get a firm firing grip. 

The Glock G45 mates the compact Glock G19 slide and barrel to the full size Glock G17 frame.

While this setup is more likely to be used for duty than for Concealed Carry, don’t be too fast to dismiss it for everyday Concealed Carry use.

There are a ton of benefits to adding the Glock G45 with a good Glock G45 holster to your carry rotation.  

Read on to see why this pistol is so amazing.

Origin Story of the Glock G45

The Glock G45 was Glock doubling down on another pistol that was released just a few months earlier: The Glock G19X.

Let’s look at the Glock G19X a little closer to see where the Glock G45 came from.

The Glock G19X was a variant of Glock’s entry into the Modular Handgun System program (MHS program) that the US Army sponsored to find a replacement for the 30+ year old Beretta M9.

Glock’s pistol – the Glock G19 MHS – was favored to win.

Glock barely lost to the Sig P320. While Glock met all the requirements (and then some), the Sig P320 had the advantage of completely changing grips, barrel sizes, and calibers by swapping out the serialized chassis. 

Many say Glock should have been awarded the contract because Glock pistols are more reliable and durable and met all of the listed requirements. 

We won’t get into the politics of government contracts here. We will get take notice though that Glock built an amazing pistol for the MHS program.

Wouldn’t it be a shame if all that hard work went to waste?

Well, it didn’t! Glock removed the manual thumb safety from the Glock G19 MHS that dear old Uncle Sam had asked for and released the Glock G19X.

Glock fans would never accept a manual thumb safety. Glock pistols are known for rugged reliability and ease-of-use.

With the Glock 19X, you have access to a combat-worthy pistol that almost became the American soldier’s sidearm.

What Generation is the Glock G45.

The Glock G19X is further along Glock’s design timeline than a Gen 4 Glock. However, It’s not quite a Gen 5 either. It’s more like a Gen 4 and a half. 

The Glock G45 is a full blown Gen 5 Glock.

It has all of the internal upgrades that being a Gen 5 brings.

Why Are Gen 5 Glock’s better than Gen 4 Glocks?

  1. More Reliable. Glock’s Gen 5 pistols are more reliable than any generation before it. Glock can get more rounds through a Gen 5 pistol than any previous generation Glock before a malfunction eventually occurs.
  1. Better Ergonomics. The finger grooves are omitted from the Gen 5 Glock frame. If you’re hand perfectly matched the finger grooves, it was great. If you didn’t have the right sized hand though, it didn’t feel quite right.Removing the front straps was a no brainer after being required to remove them for the FBI G19M. 
  1. Flared Mag Well. If you want the magazine to funnel into the mag well easier than ever, you’ll want the flared mag well of the new Gen 5 Glock pistols.The beveled edge on the inside of the mag well makes reloads a dream.
  1. Ambidextrous Slide Release. This isn’t just a benefit for Lefties. If you are in a self-defense situation, anything can happen; including injuries.If your right hand is injured, you might need to use your left hand to continue your self-defense.Any little edge can help in a self-defense scenario.
  1. Tapered Nose. The benefit of a tapered nose may not seem obvious until you start holstering the pistol. Sliding the G45 into a Glock G45 holster is much easier with a tapered nose.The square nose of the Gen 4 G19 won’t funnel into a Glock G19 holster as easily as Gen 5 Glock pistols will.
  1. nDLC Finish. This finish is supposed to be more durable than . It’s similar to a black nitride finish.
  1. More Accurate. The Glock Gen 5 pistols are equipped with the Glock Marksman Barrel. It’s more accurate than the Gen 4 barrels.The old standard for accuracy on Glock pistols was 4 inches at 25 yards.The new standard…4 inches at 50 yards!That’s twice the accuracy for the same price as the Gen 4 pistols were. Incredible.

Glock G45 Features

The Glock G45 has a ton of features that make it a great pistol for Concealed Carry, a Range Gun, or Home Defense. It has all of the latest Glock Gen 5 upgrades.

17+1 Round Ammo Count

You just can’t argue with that. Throwing 18 rounds downrange without the need for a reload instills confidence.

About half of Self-Defense encounters are fights against more than one assailant. You are much more likely to survive a shootout with multiple assailants if you’re carrying 18 rounds in a Glock G45 holster than you are if you have 7 round pistol on you.

This is especially true if you consider that in most police shootouts, less than half the bullets hit their target.

Also consider that most assailants that are shot in police shootouts require at least two to three rounds before they go down.

So if you perform as good as the average police officer in a high stress shootout, you’ll need at least 4 – 6 rounds. And that’s the best case scenario! You might need twice that.

So consider two assailants come at you. Suppose you’ll need three bullets each to stop them. That’s six bullets. Now realize you won’t shoot with 100% accuracy. 

It’s quite likely that 12 rounds won’t be enough!

Remember that almost half of assaults involve two or more assailants.

That scenario makes the case for the Glock G45!

Great For Duty Or Concealment

While Glock mostly had police in mind when presenting the Glock G45, police and civilians alike will snap these up. 

Sure, these will work great for police but they’ll make a great handgun for the average civilian too (mostly for the same reasons).

This pistol will find itself in a Glock G45 holster on the duty belt of many police officers. Why?

It combines great ammo capacity with the quick handling characteristics of a more compact barrel.

Using the Glock G17 frame supplies the G45 with 17 rounds of 9mm. In addition, the bigger frame gives plenty of room for a great firing grip. 

Policeman won’t have to worry about pinching their hands as is possible with a Glock G19 reload. Compact grips can sometimes pinch your hand when the magazine slams home.

You will never have that problem with a full-sized Glock G17 frame. There’s plenty enough room for your hand on the grip to avoid being pinched.

The Shorter barrel of the Glock G19 handles better than the longer barrel of the Glock G17. 

Sure, you can squeeze a little more accuracy out of the longer barrel but is that really the point with a service pistol?

The shorter G19 barrel will be faster to move around. Plus the new Glock Marksman Barrel is capable of keeping a 4 inch group at 50 yards. I’d say that’s plenty accurate.

Superior Handling, High Round Count

These superior handling characteristics and high round count make this a great pistol for police and civilians.

There’s another benefit to the shorter barrel – comfort.

The shorter barrel is less likely to hit your seat – an office chair or a squad car seat.

Plus, the G19 length barrel is much easier to conceal in an appendix position.

Which Glock G45 Holster Will Work Best?

NO Print Wonder – If you want to conceal the Glock G45, you certainly can. You just need a holster that is both small and great at concealing.  The No Print Wonder is the perfect Glock G45 holster for IWB concealment.

Ultra-Conceal OWB – If you want to conceal Outside the WaistBand but still be able to conceal your favorite Glock, you’ll want the Ultra-Conceal OWB holster. It pulls the pistol as close as the No Print Wonder. 

Stingray – The Stingray holster carries the holster well. It is very easy to put on and off. It is a great holster option for those who want the smallest holster possible.

Comfort Cling – The Comfort Cling holster is a soft holster that grips inside your waistband without clips. It’s very comfortable and easy to use.


The Glock G45 is an amazing pistol. It is the new “crossover” pistol that Glock envisioned as the perfect handling pistol for duty or civilian use. 

Just make sure to get a great holster to carry it in!