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Glock 36 Holsters

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Glock 36

Similar to the Glock 42 and Glock 43, the Glock 36 is among the legendary manufacturer’s single-stack pistol family. The Glock 36 has been around since 2011 going virtually unnoticed. Its design, however, lends itself towards personal or home defense, and specifically concealed carry in the right Glock 36 concealed carry holster. The G36 has detentions that make it only roughly larger than the average large smartphones. Read our review below, then browse our Glock 36 Kydex holsters above.


The Glock 36 comes with a 5.5lbs trigger pull and a trigger travel of 0.49 inches with a satisfying, audible reset. It has a fixed white-dot front sight and rear white-u alignment posts. Reviewers rave about the easy of control and the surprising felt recoil of the G36—which in comparison to other .45’s is not as “snappy” as many expected.

Reviewers found the Glock 36 to be comfortable for both left-handed or right-handed shooting—as switching between handedness didn’t affect shot groupings with any noticeable differences. However, the way the pistol felt in the hand was different—that is that the grip itself felt different. Many of them preferred right-handed shooting.

This slimline pistol comes standard in .45 caliber Auto with a frame that fits most, if not all shooters. Its overall dimensions are thus: a length of 6.96 inches, 4.76 inches high, and 1.1 inches wide. Which, as previously mentioned, it only slightly larger than the average smartphone. This makes the Glock 36 perfect for concealed carry—even pocket carry.

With the right Glock 36 IWB holster, or pocket holster, this pistol will completely disappear on the hip without severe printing. With a weight of 22.42 ounces, the Glock 36 will ride all day without discomfort. Many of the reviewers preferred the Glock 36 over their full-size pistols for their everyday carry or for their more active days.

Caliber: .45 Auto
Barrel: 3.77”
Overall: 6.96”
Weight: 22.42 oz. empty
Capacity: 6+1
Cost: $599.00 MSRP