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Glock 29 Gen 4

Among Glock’s ranks is the Subcompact Glock 29 Gen 4 using the high performance 10mm cartridge. Compared to Glock’s standard sized models, the subcompact G29 is great for concealed carry, especially in a Glock 29 Kydex holster. From previous models, the Gen 4 has a better grip and raving reviews on its compact, but powerful pistol. Read our review below, then browse Glock 29 holsters for concealed carry above.


One of Glock’s updates to the G29 is a more aggressive grip texture to provide a more secure grip, “even with gloved hands.” As many of you know 10mm pistols have notorious recoil. However, according to many reviews the G29 has a mild recoil. It comes standard with a 10-round capacity magazine, but an optional 15.

The trigger travel for the G29 is approximately 0.49 inches with about a 5.5lbs trigger pull. With the recoil of this 10mm cartridge, although it’s mild, according to reviews, the recoil takes it toll on the shooter, many reviewers took a break from plinking after 3 magazines. Regardless of the recoil it remains accurate 100 yards.

Power & Concealment

Many of us, when looking for a good concealed carry pistol, want as much “bang for our buck.” Well, this is among the pistols that you get just that. In a 10mm cartridge, it wont matter whether the predator you’re defending yourself against is two-legged, or four-legged, the G29 is an excellent choice.

As far as concealability goes, the G29’s overall length is 6.88 inches with a height of 4.45 inches—that’s just a little bigger than a large smartphone. This pistol is also 1.27 inches in width, so with the right IWB holster or even a OWB holster, concealment won’t be an issue.  If you want to compare this pistol to any of the other Glock’s, reviewers cannot stop comparing the G29 to the Glock 19, but is just a bit wider.

Caliber: 10mm
Barrel: 3.77”
Overall: 6.96”
Weight: 27.18 oz. empty
Capacity: 10; 15
Cost: $549