With the growing concern for preparedness (specifically against active shooter situations), it is important to realize that as the world changes, so must concealed carriers. When it comes to self-defense, the norm has always been “most firefights will happen under 25 yards.”

But in events involving a dirtbag with a rifle… well, long distance is going to be the fight. And most of us don’t carry a rifle everyday—we carry pistols. In the event you encounter a situation requiring that weapon, you’ll fight with what you have.


So, what is the best way to improve your distance shooting with your concealed carry pistol?

Well, the first you need to know that long distance shooting with a handgun is the most difficult platform because of the size of the gun, reduced sight radius, and there is only one point of contact. Whereas rifles have grip, forend, butt pad, and stock contact; however, pistols are held solely at the grip—even with both hands.

The other factor involved is trigger control. Keeping perfect sight alignment without wavering requires a significant amount of training. In fact, I am still working on this.

Now, the ability to shoot at greater distances depends on the skill of the shooter. And the pistol selection is also a contributing factor. You will find greater accuracy with a full-size rather than a pocket pistol.

Advice abounds to work up to hitting man-size targets at 50 yards if you can find a range to facilitate that. Or if your local range only reaches 25, to shoot medium-small targets at the maximum available distance. Don’t skimp on the practice—shooting at 5-10 yards resulting in a tight group doesn’t always equate to a large but acceptable grouping at 50 yards. It’s also recommended to practice with your defense rounds, because different rounds can make all the difference in point-of-impact.


But the most important part of your practice is literal trigger time.

The best and cheapest way to do this is to dry fire at home at a wall that contrasts your sights. Pay attention to your dipping or pulling your front sight left or right. Adjust your finger accordingly and focus on squeezing the trigger directly backwards.

And besides, who’s going to complain about extra range time?


Do you think that the concealed carry world needs to focus on engaging threats at farther distances? Why or why not?



Hannah Staton holds a Bachelor’s of Arts in Rhetoric and Writing from the University of Arkansas – Fort Smith where she also is a Writing Tutor. She was issued her Concealed Carry License in 2016, but has grown up around firearms her whole life. She is a Contributing Editor and Copy Writer for Clinger Holsters. She is an artist, cigar enthusiast, poet, and an avid shooter. She resides in Van Buren, Arkansas with her dog, Sunday and spends as much of her free time either with her family or making art. You can find her on Instagram @hr.staton or reach her by email: hr.staton@yahoo.com

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