Pervert uses Facebook to try to stalk girl, meets Dad and his gun instead!

Twenty-six year old Justin Kyle Phelps, is a monster and the liberals are trying to keep him out of jail.

What happened?

In December, the minor received a friend request on Facebook from Phelps under the alias of Vicky (a thirteen year old girl).

After speaking for a few days, the conversation took a dark turn. “Vicky” asked the child very inappropriate questions.

Enter seventeen year old “Justin”: another alias used by Phelps. The girl began speaking with “Justin” and “Vicky” simultaneously. “Justin” began asking for inappropriate photos.

Phelps showed up at the girl’s house and was climbing through the window when he was scared off by the mother entering the room. The child came clean, and the parents took charge!

He came back a few hours later. As he was climbing through the window, he was greeted with the business end of dad’s gun.

This monster is trying to disrupt our wholesome family values and steal this poor innocent girl’s virtue.


  • He was initially jailed for Solicitation of a Minor.
  • Federal charges are more severe. Posing as a minor to obtain the address of victim to engage in sexual misconduct
  • Upon apprehension, police located other potential victims that Phelps was soliciting.

Not if the liberals have a say!

The left-wing extremists are saying that he wasn’t in his right mind and are demanding a psychological evaluation.

He doesn’t need jail. He needs help… and apparently he is not competent to stand trial. Isn’t it strange how he was competent enough to impersonate two different people just to try to rape this poor girl.

Justin Kyle Phelps is a pedophile and should be behind bars. Not on the street.

Good Job Dad. Cleaning up the streets, one freak at at time.

Thank goodness this Dad had a gun in his home. Predators will always be lurking in our society.

Ensure your family is protected with firearms!

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