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On August 8th of this year, Congressman Steve Womack took a tour of Clinger Holsters’ manufacturing facility located in Van Buren, Arkansas.

While CEO, Chris Tedder, showed him the newly designed manufacturing lines, the Steve Womack praised the growth, expansion, and ingenuity of small businesses especially those located in his home state of Arkansas.

“I’m glad you guys are here. Entrepreneurs are the people who drive this economy. What’s next? It’s this kind of business,” said Steve Womack.

Clinger Holsters has recently added new assembly lines which accommodate new and innovative manufacturing techniques to produce more reliable, durable, and long-lasting holsters for its customers. The new manufacturing processes increase both quality and efficiency.

The new assembly lines will allow Clinger Holsters to add several new employees as needed to produce their increasingly popular line of Concealed Carry holsters for an industry that keeps growing.

“It’s a basic formula: lower taxes and less regulation will allow businesses to focus on adding revenue and jobs.”

While on site, Congressman Womack shared his vision of how government and small business such as Clinger Holsters should cooperate to increase growth in the economy. It’s a basic formula: lower taxes and less regulation will allow businesses to focus on adding revenue and jobs.

Clinger Holsters expects to add more assembly lines in the near future to accommodate the unprecedented growth they’ve experienced over the last two years and expect to have over the next decade.

We thank Steve Womack for his inspiring visit and hope to continue our dedication. We are proud to be a small business and hope that others around us continue to thrive and suceed.

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